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researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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Circa 1639



Source: Public Record Office. Prob11/177


MEMORANDUM. That Hugh Muckleston late of Oswestry in the county of Salop Mercer being of perfect mind and memory professing intent and purpose to make his last Will and Testament by word of mouth in manner and form following on to the like affidavit he did submit his soul to Gods hand his body to the earth. Item he did give to his daughter Judith *** pounds of lawful money of England whereof thirty pounds have been given or left unto her by her *** and the other *** pounds he did bequest unto his *** to be paid her at the discretion of his executors. Item. He did give unto his daughter Susan *** pounds whereof *** as left or given unto her by *** and the other twenty pounds to be paid by *** pounds a year. Item. He did give unto his son Samuel twenty pounds whereof *** pounds to be paid unto him within two years after his death. Item. He did give unto his son Hugh twenty pounds and did leave *** *** *** of his mother. Item. He did give unto *** *** four pounds for *** years and did leave her unto *** *** of her mother. Item. he did give his daughter Dorothie twenty pounds to be paid unto her by *** pounds ***. And he did give unto Mr John Griffin Vicar of Oswestry twenty shillings. And *** to the poor of Oswestry thirty shillings to be paid between the feast day of St *** *** *** and Christmas *** after his death. Item. He did name make and *** his wife Elizabeth Muckleston and his brother in law Thomas Kynaston executors of this his last Will and Testament in the presence and hearing of Morice Jones, Robert Evans and others.



Will Summary

Dates: Proved May 1639.

Property: None mentioned in will.

Bequests: Daughters Judith Susan and Dorothy and sons Samuel and Hugh left varying sons of money. One other bequest name unreadable.

John Griffiths vicar of Oswestry twenty shillings

To the poor of Oswestry thirty shillings.

Executors: Wife Elizabeth and brother in law Thomas Kynaston.



Genealogical Information

Hugh Muckleston

Occupation: Mercer

Born: Date unknown

Married: Elizabeth Kynaston 4th February 1617 at Oswestry

Died: Circa 1639 burial details not located.

Children: Susan, Judith, Edward*, Thomas*, Humphrey, Hugh, John, Samuel, Anne, Lettice*, Dorothy, Elizabeth. [* believed to have died before their father]

Parents: John of Pen y Lan and Anne.