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researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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William Jeffreys Muckleston


William Jeffreys Muckleston was born on 20th March 1849 in Ontario, the son of Samuel Muckleston a merchant who had emigrated to Canada as a young man. His father was wealthy enough to send William to England to be educated at Oxford University 1867 and 1874, where he trained for the clergy.


 In 1872 William married Harriet Ferres surprisingly, considering he was to become a clergy man, in a civil ceremony at the Office of the Registrar General, Frontenac County. William and Harriet, as far as we know, had three children, all sons, they were Alan Jeffreys Muckleston born 1873, Bernard Ferris Muckleston born about 1875, and Harold Straun Muckleston born about 1878. Bernard died young at just 18 years old. Alan worked in a bank (see A Canadian Banker) and Harold became a doctor. Descendants of Harold Straun Muckleston (he had married the authoress Edith Margaret Wherry) are alive today in Oregon, USA under the surname Price. Both Alan and Harold fought in World War One.


In 1884 he was Curate of Ottawa.

A publication exists as follows:

Roman methods of controversy as exemplified by the "Catholic Truth Society" [microform] : a lecture delivered in St. John's Hall, May 15th, 1893 / by William Jeffreys Muckleston.
Main Author:
          Muckleston, W. J. b. 1849 (William Jeffreys),
[Ottawa? : s.n.], 1893
(Ottawa : Paynter & Abbott)
          CIHM/ICMH Microfiche series: no. 11171
Filmed from a copy of the original publication held by the Library of the Public Archives of Canada. Ottawa : Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions, 1981.
Physical Description:
1 microfiche (23 fr.).
0665111711 (Positive copy)

His fame must have spread to the USA where a prominent lawyer, and Judge, Milo Muckleston got to hear about him and correspondence between the two took place - transcripts of the letters follow:


April 13 '16 (1916)

Rev Muckleston, Perth, Ontario, Canada. 

Dear Sir,

     Impelled by curiosity, I am writing you a letter on account of the similarity of our names. I am wondering if there is any family connection that can be traced between us.

     You are the only Muckleston that I know of in this part of the country, and I have never heard of any other until I run across your name.

     A brief history of our family will perhaps interest you. About all I know is that my grandparents emigrated from North Wales. The name is no doubt Scotch. Grandfather I understand was both Scottish and Welsh. He married a Welsh woman who is connected to the Ceiriog Hughes family. Ceiriog Hughes was a noted Welsh Bard, cherished by the Welsh people about the same as the Scotch cherish Robert Burns. I have the family history from that side of the family tree but know very little about the Muckleston side, and thought perhaps you may be able to throw some light thereon.

     Grandfather had three sons, who all spent most of their time in Waukesha County, in the state of Wisconsin. I have some brothers and sisters who went west and are in the states of Washington and California. One of my sisters married a merchant in Seattle and another sister is at Wenatchee, Washington, wife of the District Attorney there. The other sister is the wife of the President of the Pacific National Telegraph and Telephone System. I have a brother who is a lawyer in Seattle.

     I would be glad to hear from you, and would be pleased to have you give me some of your family history.

Respectively yours,

Milo Muckleston.


April 26th, 1916


Stanley Court, Stanley Street, Montreal, Canada.

To his Honor Judge Muckleston 

Dear Sir,

     I was glad to receive your letter of the 13th which was duly forwarded to me here. I am a clergyman of the Church of England, retired four years ago in broken health after forty years service. I am an honorary Canon of the Cathedral of Manor.

     The name Muckleston is very English, derived from a small place of that name in Staffordshire, where one at least migrated to Shropshire, taking his surname from his place of birth as was the common custom. I have a pedigree fairly full from Henry VIII, but with scattering names back to Richard II showing my family first at Oswestry and for centuries at Shrewsbury where Samuel my father was born in 1808. He came to Kingston Canada about 1830 where he prospered as a merchant and died in 1873. There are none of the family now in Shrewsbury. My father left two sons and three daughters all still living. My elder brother John is nearly seventy years of age. He is living at Calgary. He has two sons and a daughter. His elder son Hugh has thrown up a good position in the CPR and is going overseas as Captain of Engineers. He is 43. His second son is at St. Paul.

     I am 67. I have two sons living, the elder Alan having given up a good bank position to do clerical work for the army Medical Corps with the rank of Captain. The younger son Harold (a doctor) is a Major attached to the Headquarters Staff here. Both were anxious to go to the front but neither could arrange it. We know what this war is to us. My two sons and my brother’s younger son are married but as yet we have no male grandchildren I am sorry to say. I should be glad to here from you again. My nerve trouble affects my writing as you can see.


Yours very truly

William Jeffreys Muckleston


Both Milo and William Jeffries had a common ancestor in Edward Muckleston who married Anghared Kyffin in the mid 1500’s. Edward's exact date of birth is not known but he is believed to have died prior to 1582. Edward was Milo's 8 times great grandfather and William Jeffries 7 times great grandfather making them sixth cousins once removed.



A William and Harried Muckleston can be found on the passenger lists for entry into Ellis Island in the USA in 1910. He was aged 61 and she was aged 62.


On the 1920 US Federal census can be found

William J Muckleston age 70, White, living in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, born in Canada. His son Harold S Muckleston also appears on the same census listing. At this point William was a widower.


Reverend William Muckleston returned to Canada where he dies at the age of 80 in 1930 at Carleton, Ontario.