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Muckleston Family History Group

researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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Who Was Dame Elizabeth Aubrey?
A Dame Elizabeth Aubrey was a heiress to lands in Trebonne Carmarthenshire. She married Richard Muckleston who was the son of Sir William Muckleston of Oswestry. The couple lived in Kily Owen - also in Carmarthenshire. We have been unable to find a record of the marriage and despite her grand title have been unable to find out more about Dame Elizabeth.
Richard was born in 1580 and Elizabeth about 1583. A Richard Muckleston married an Elizabeth Launce in Ludlow in 1600 - could there be a connection?
If you can throw any light on this we would love to hear from you.