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researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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Which Rowland?
Many family members can trace their ancestry right back to Hoeskyn Muckleston who was alive in 1345. However some branches cannot be connected to the main tree without further research and that includes the Mackleston branch.
This branch of the family is current headed by Rowland Muckleston and his wife Mary who had a son Russell Muckleston from whom all Macklestons are descended.
To connect this branch to the main tree we need to identify exactly who this Rowland is. If you can help we would love to hear from you.
What we already know:
Russell Muckleston was born on 28th August 1778 and was baptised on 29th April 1778 at St Chad's Church in Shrewsbury and his parents were recorded as Rowland and Mary Muckleston. We have no marriage for a Rowland and Mary but there are a couple of possible candidates who could be Russell's father.
Rowland 1. 
Son of Price Muckleston. Price was born in 1711 but we have yet to find information on his death and we do not have a date for the birth of Rowland.
We have two marriages for this Rowland firstly in 1758 at St Mary's Shrewsbury to Jane Minton who gave him two daughters Mary and Hester. Jane died in 1762 and in 1772 Rowland married Hannah Taylor. We have no death for Hannah but Rowland's death is recorded as taking place in 1792 and he was buried at St Mary's in Shrewsbury. Had Hannah died and Rowland married a third wife called Mary and fathered Russell?
Rowland 2.
Rowland son of Rowland (1692-1738) and Elizabeth (nee Wase). We have no birth or death for this Rowland. His first marriage was in 1745 in Hodnet Salop to Mary Bucknell. Mary died in 1757 after giving Rowland two sons and a daughter. Rowland re-married in 1762 to Elizabeth Boyne and she gave him a further four children, two sons and two daughters. Elizabeth died in 1771 age 44. Did this Rowland remarry a Mary after Elizabeth's death and father Russell?
Or was there simply a third Rowland. With dates missing for the known Rowlands it is difficult to work out where to connect Russell.
A short timeline: (updated 13/11/15 - in light of new evidence from Colin Broughton - see notes below!)
 Year Rowland 1Rowland 2 Rowland - Russell's father
Born Unknown Unknown Unknown 
 1745 Md Mary Bucknall  
 1757 Wife Mary died  
 1758Md Jane Minton   

Wife Jane died 

(4th March)

Md Elizabeth Boyne

(15th March)


 1771Wife Elizabeth died  
 1772Md Hannah Taylor   
 1775Hannah died   
 1778  Russell born mother is Mary 
 1792Rowland died   
Update 13/11/15 Courtesy of Colin Broughton
A Hannah Muckleston died 8th January 1775 so could be your Hannah Taylor giving time for Rowland to marry/ shack up with Mary before your Russell was born. 
Looking at the 3 Rowland marriages it's interesting that in 1758 he spells Muckleston correctly but in 1762 and 1771 he omits the 'e' after the 'l' suggesting two different Rowlands maybe because surely he wouldn't have forgotten how to spell his name. Then again he may have had the vicar standing next to him in 1758 telling him how to spell it correctly. The first signature does look different to the second two despite the e and even though the Row'd is similar in all 3. Cannot see a marriage yet 1775-1778
 Following is a copy of the signatures that Colin located - I think it is thee same man - naughty naughty - marrying again just 11 days after his wife's death in 1762! Just that elusive connection missing now - some proof he is Russell's father!