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Muckleston Family History Group

researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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Wales to Wisconsin
In 2002 I came across a website which contained copies of Newspapers for the state of Wisconsin in the United States of America. Knowing that a Muckleston family had emigrated from Wales to this state I transcribed the newspaper entries relating to the family and put them together in what became a 153 page book. This book took almost 4 years to compile but gave us an insight into the daily lives of this branch of the family.
I have copied this book and uploaded it to this website as it was originally written in its ten chapters. Please click on the chapter numbers on the sidebar to view.
Charts Maps and Photographs will be added later as they are not currently in a suitable format to be uploaded.