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Muckleston Family History Group

researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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The Muckelstons of the USA

The first family member known to go to the USA was Irish Nell (Elizabeth Muckleston) in 1743 but she did not go voluntarily.


The Welsh Mucklestons who settled in the USA are covered in the story of Wales to Wisconsin but there is one other branch in the USA of whom we believe originated in the USA but only have the following limited information:


In 1775 surviving tax collections for Horsham, Pennsylvania shows that a Peter Muccleston was allowed a shortfall in his tax payment of 15 shillings. The reason for this cannot be deciphered. We have also managed to obtain a copy of the inventory of this Peter Muckelston of Horsham, Pennsylvania, who died in 1810.




Unfortunately we don’t have any Peter Mucklestons in the UK who disappeared around this time and who may have gone to the USA, so maybe he was born in America. Did the name change from Muckleston to Muckelston around this time?

In the UK there were changes with the spelling of the name but it generally reverted back to Muckleston within a few generations. In the USA the spelling appears to have remained as Muckelston throughout the generations with quite a few descendants still living in the USA today


Tax records for Bucks County show this Peter Muckelston (spelt variously Muckelston, Mackleson, Mickleston, Muckelston and Mucleson) paying tax in Middletown which is some 20 miles from Horsham. The years these payments have been made cover 1806 through to 1814 and his occupation is recorded as that of coach maker. A Peter Muckleston married a Sarah Fenton in Pennsylvania on 19th April 1806 at Presbyterian Church, Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA and it is therefore likely that the marriage can be attributed to this Peter. Is he a son of the preceding Peter? The wife’s name is pertinent as there was a Thomas F Muckelston born in 1826 (could the F have stood for Fenton?) he had a son Charles Fenton Muckelston born in 1862, we can therefore reasonably assume that Peter and Sarah were ancestors of Thomas F (possibly grandparents) whose father we have so far been unable to locate. This branch was based in Pennsylvania before moving to New Jersey.


                                           Peter Muckelston m Sarah Fenton (married 1806)


                                                             son Muckleston m ?


                                    Thomas F Muckelston (b about 1826) m Clara


                                    Charles Fenton Muckelston b 1862 m Mary Elizabeth Connor


                                         Milton Charles Muckelston m Sarah Jane Pruitt


                                                   many descendants alive today


The census taken in 1855, at Peoria, Illinois, also shows Muckelstons (spelling is correct). This gave the head of household as John Muckelston but sadly minimum other information. Those living in the household were given as “free males”: 2 under 10 years old, 1 aged 10 to 20 and 1 aged 40 – 50; in addition there were 3 “free females” under 10 years old and one aged 30 – 40. We can assume that this was John, his wife Elizabeth along with 3 sons and 3 daughters. More information can be found on the census taken in June 1860 where John’s occupation is given as Millwright aged 40 born in Pennsylvania his wife is aged 43. We now have a little more information on his children (with only initials are given as MA female aged 15, G female aged 15 E female aged 12 A male aged 10 all born in Ohio and RT (Rufus Tyler) aged 9 born in Illinois. With John’s birth being 1820 it is possible he could be a brother to Thomas F Muckelston with Thomas and his descendants in New Jersey and John and his, after a short stay in Ohio, settling in Illinois.


                             John B Muckelston  (born about 1820) m (Catherine) Elizabeth ?

                                            (possibly brother to Thomas F Muckelston)


                                      Rufus Tyler Muckelston m Lucinda Ann Cobb


                                           John Tyler Muckelston m Viola Fay Cruse


sons Oren Francis Muckelston m Alyce G Nation  & Kenneth Earl Muckelston m Georgia P Raikes


                                                 Descendants of these sons alive today.


As we know that a James B Muckelston fought in the Civil War for the Illinois 10th Cavalry Regiment enlisting in 1861 until 1864 and it is therefore possible that he is also one of the sons of John and Elizabeth. In 1870 James was working as a Common Labourer on a farm belonging to Clements Milton in Macon Illinois and his age is given as 29 which would make his birth as 1841.  However on the 1900 census he gave information that he was born in Ohio in July 1836.

Georgetta Muckelston was a single woman who could be found on the 1880 census for St. Louis, Missouri. She was living with a James Black a ship’s carpenter, his wife and son. There was no relationship given and her occupation was given as house helper. The census indicates that her parents were born in Pennsylvania but she was born in Ohio around 1846. She is likely to be the daughter of John and is shown in his household as G aged 15 on the 1860 census.

Rufus Tyler Muckelston married Lucinda Cobb in 1882 in Sangamon, Illinois; he was a farm labourer and spent his married life in Sangamon. An article in the Illinois State Journal, Springfield, Illinois, recorded the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary with the following article:


29 November 1932

Lowder Couple Wed 50 Years


Lowder, Nov. 28 - Mr. and Mrs R.T. Muckelston will celebrate the golden anniversery of their wedding with a family dinner at their home tomorrow. Following the dinner open house will be held for their friends from 2 until 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Muckelston have resided in Sangamon County all of their married life. They are the parents of six children, five of whom are living: Mrs Edgar Patterson, Waverly; Mrs. Curtis Kingsbury, Virden; Mrs. Otis Armstrong, Loami; Earl of Alexander and John of Lowder. A daughter, Mrs. Leslie Money, died in Denver, Colorado, five years ago. Mrs Muckelston, before her marriage, was Miss Ann Cobb, she has a sister, Miss Sarah Cobb, of Curran and a brother David Cobb of Springfield. Mr Muckelston has no living relatives aside from his children. Mr Muckelston is eighty and his wife seventy-eight years old.

Sadly a year later the same newspaper reported the sad news of his death:


25 November 1933

Lowder Man Dies


Lowder, Nov. 25 – Rufus Tyler Muckelston for many years a prominent resident of this community, died at the home of his son, Earl, near Alexander, at 3:30 o'clock this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Muckleston had visited with their son the last week. Mr. Muckelston's death was due to a heart attack.

Decedent was born at Peoria Dec. 13, 1852, but lived the greater part of his life in western Sangamon County. He married Miss Annie Cobb Nov. 29, 1882. The couple celebrated their golden anniversary last year. Mr. Muckelston is survived by his wife, Annie; three daughters, Mrs Grace Patterson of Waverly, Mrs Mary Kingsbury of Virden and Mrs. Viola Armstrong of Loami; two sons, Earl of Alexander and John of Waverly. One daughter, Mrs Lottie Money died six years ago.

Funeral services for Mr. Muckelston will be held at the Waverly Baptist Church at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon. Rev. D. C. Byus of Jacksonville and Rev. Mr. Hostetter, pastor of the Waverly church, will officiate. Internment will be in Waverly Cemetery. The remains will be at the home of Charles Muckelston, near Alexander, until 12:45 o'clock Monday afternoon and then be removed to the church in Waverly.

Rufus’s sons Earl and John also worked on the land.  Earl had no children to carry on the family name but John more than made up for this by having 8 children but only 2 of these were sons. A few of the Muckelstons alive today are the descendants of this John.


Thomas F Muckelston was a Justice of the Peace in New Jersey during the years 1887–1891; he appears in directories with Charles F Muckelston a broom maker and William H Muckelston a book binder. These were his sons; Charles Fenton Muckleston was born on 17 Aug 1862 and William H Muckelston in February 1854 both in New Jersey. William had no children and Charles had just one son also Charles Milton Muckelston (aka Milton Charles Muckelston) who was born in New York in 1901. Some of the Muckelstons living in the USA today are descendants of Charles Milton Muckelston.

Julie a sophomore who took part in the Burlington County Swim League 2004 (Burlington is in Philadelphia USA) On behalf of Pemberton Township Schools, she participated in the Freestyle and Backstroke competitions.


Lelia Muckelston also attends School in Pemberton, Philadelphia USA.


Estella Marie Muckelston was born on 8th December 1928 and died on 14th August 1940, she was buried at Waverley Cemetery, Morgan, Illinois, USA. She was the daughter of John Tyler Muckelston (6 Nov 1894 to 31st Jan 1960).


Unfortunately the records of the United States are not as complete, or as readily available as those of the UK. We have lots of pieces to the jigsaw of the Muckelstons of the USA many of which we have managed to fit together, some mysteries still remain but it looks likely that they are all descendants of the Peter Muckelston living in Horsham Pennsylvania in 1775.


If anyone can add to the information on this branch of the family we would love to hear from you.