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researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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29.JOHN10 MUCKLESTON (ROBERT9, EDWARD8, HUGH7, THOMAS6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, ROGER2DE MUCCLESTON, HOESKYN1) was born 18 Nov 1587 in (bap)Oswestry, Shropshire., and died Aft. 22 May 1648.He married ELIZABETH LLOYD 30 Jul 1609 in Oswestry Shropshire.She died 19 Jun 1625 in Oswestry, Shropshire, (buried).


Occupation-Glover (in Oswestry).

From Shropshire Record and Research ref 103/1/6/95 date 29 September 1615 mentions lands and tenements in mortgage from John Muckleston of Sweeney in Sweeeney and Weston Cotton.

He does not mention any of his own children in his will although a John and Elizabeth have been allocated to this marriage - did they predecease him or are they incorrect.




Gent of Wrexham

Source: Public Record Office. PROB 11/211

In the name of God Amen. The two and twentieth day of May in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred forty and eight. I John Muckleston of Wrexham in the county of Denbigh Gent being weak in body but of good and perfect mind and memory God be praised do make my last Will and Testament in manner and form following *** *** recommend my soul to the hands of almighty God my maker and creator hoping assured through *** and *** of Jesus Christ my only Saviour and Redeemer to be saved and my body to be buried in Christian Burial where it shall please God to all men. And as for my personal estate I give and bequeath to Pierce Muckleston twenty pounds, to Hugh Muckleston twenty pounds, to William Muckleston twenty pounds and to Katherin Muckleston twenty pounds. I mean Pierce, Hugh William and Katherin the children of my brother Andrew Muckleston and to David Muckleston one of the children of my brother Morice Muckleston twenty pounds and to Robert Muckleston and John Muckleston two more of the sons of the said Morice Muckleston twenty pounds a piece. Item. Also I do give and bequeath unto [Ann?] one of the daughters of the said Morice viz Abigail, Marie and Elenor twenty pounds a piece to be paid out of the sum of five hundred pounds remaining in the hands of Thomas Kynaston unto me due by bond from the said Thomas and as for the rest and residue of the said five hundred pounds I do give and bequeath unto my executor herein after named. Item. I do give and bequeath unto my brother Richard Muckleston two shillings. Item. To the daughters of the said Richard viz Sussanna, Marie and Ellen two shillings a piece. Item. I give and bequeath to my brother Morice Muckleston two shillings. Item. I give and bequeath all the rest of my goods, moveable and unmoveable unto my said executor herein after named and also fifty pounds due unto me by bond from John **** and his suretie and likewise all other duties and *** whatsoever that are or shall be due unto mefrom any person or persons whatsoever by bond or otherwise. Item. I do give and bequeath unto my executor all *** *** which are or shall be due from my lands in Sweeney and likewise from my farm in ****. Item. I do nominate and appoint my nephew Richard Muckleston son unto my brother Morice Muckleston to be sole executor of this my last Will and Testament hoping that he having the fear of God in his heart will duly perform the contents hereof and do *** discharge my funeral expenses and I do hereby revoke *** annul and make void all former Wills by me heretofore made and all legacies and bequests by me hereby given I bequeath. In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seal the day and year above written John Muckleston published sealed and delivered in the presence of us William Muckleston, Morice Jones, Robert Ellis.


Will Summary

Dates:Written 22nd May 1648

Property: Lands in Sweeney plus a farm.

Bequests: Sums of money to nieces and nephews as follows:-

Pierce, Hugh, William, Katherin, David, Robert, John, Abigail, Marie, Eleanor. twenty pounds apiece.

Susan, Marie, Ellen two shillings apiece.

Brothers Richard and Morice two shillings apiece.

Executor: Nephew Richard Muckleston.


Genealogical Information

John Muckleston[Ref 0050]

Occupation:Glover of Oswestry

Baptised: 18th November 1587 at Oswestry

Married:Elizabeth Lloyd 30th July 1609 she died 1625

Buried:No record of burial found circa 1648.

Children: John also a Glover [? not mentioned in will] daughter Elizabeth died 1625 with her mother.

Parents:Robert [a Glover] and Katherine.

did they have a daughter Sina who died on 23 april 1621?


Occupation: Glover


i.ELIZABETH11 MUCKLESTON, d. 13 Jun 1625, St Oswalds, Oswestry, Shropshire..

44.ii.JOHN MUCKLESTON, d. 18 Jun 1686, Oswestry, Shropshire, (buried).

30.ANDREW10 MUCKLESTON (ROBERT9, EDWARD8, HUGH7, THOMAS6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, ROGER2DE MUCCLESTON, HOESKYN1) was born 20 Aug 1592 in (bap) Oswestry, Shropshire..He married ELIZABETH/[--?--]/.She died 18 May 1648.


Occupation - Sherman.


Occupation: Sherman

Children of ANDREW MUCKLESTON and ELIZABETH/[--?--]/ are:

i.JOHN11 MUCKLESTON, d. 14 Dec 1630, St Oswald, Oswestry, Shropshire, (buried).

ii.WILLIAM MUCKLESTON, d. Aft. 1648.


Mentioned in his uncle Johns will

iii.ELIZABETH MUCKLESTON, b. 21 Sep 1617, (bap)Oswestry, Shropshire; d. 26 Dec 1617, Oswestry, Shropshire. (buried),An infant..

iv.ELIZABETH MUCKLESTON, b. 03 Nov 1618, (bap)Oswestry, Shropshire; d. 26 Sep 1619, Oswestry, Shropshire. (buried).An infant..

v.PIERCE MUCKLESTON, b. 05 Jun 1620, Bap Oswestry Shropshire; d. Aft. 1648.

vi.CATHERINE MUCKLESTON, b. 19 Apr 1623, (bap) Oswestry, Shropshire.; d. 10 Mar 1660/61, Oswestry, Shropshire. (buried); m. JOHN MORRIS.

vii.RICHARD MUCKLESTON, b. 04 Mar 1624/25, Bap Oswestry Shropshire; d. Mar 1625/26, Oswestry Salop.


Burial: 10 Mar 1625/26, StOswald, Oswestry, Salop

45.viii.HUGH MUCKLESTON, b. 27 Sep 1631, (bap)Oswestry, Shropshire.; d. 27 Feb 1680/81, Oswestry, Shropshire, (buried).

31.CATHERINE10 MUCKLESTON (RICHARD9, ROGER8, ROBERT7, THOMAS6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, ROGER2DE MUCCLESTON, HOESKYN1) was born 15 Dec 1578 in (bap), and died 04 Feb 1618/19 in Oswestry, Shropshire. (buried).She married RONDELL ALLEN 06 Jun 1602 in Oswestry, Shropshire..


Cousin to Richard Muckleston[born 1580] who married Dame Elizabeth Aubrey

One more family mystery to be solved, but this will not be an easy one. In the will of Richard Muckleston dated 1638, covered in the previous chapter. He mentions a “kinsman” one Muckleston Allen and described him as a Gent. Muckleston Allen lived in the parish of Kily Owen in Carmarthenshire.

When researching later wills the name Muckleston Allen appeared in the form of Frank Muckleston-Allen. On 7th December 1907 Adelaide Allen died in the Isle of Wight but was buried in Carnarvon, her husband was Frank. Frank himself died on 28th September 1910 while living in a hotel in Carnarvon, he was also buried there. The 1861 census of Wales tells us that Frank was born about 1830 in Wrotham in Kent. He left little money, his entire estate bequeathed to his step daughter accounted for just £234 6s 8d.

Could there be some connection across a 300 year period between these individuals – both having connections with Carnarvon?

It is possible that Muckleston Allen left his inheritance to other members of his family. We have two later wills for people called Muckleston Allen one dated 1735 and the other 1776. Both of these individuals are living in Kily Owen, Carmarthenshire. We can strongly assume that they are descendants of the Muckleston Allen heir to Richard Muckleston, who died in 1638.

It was commonplace to use an ancestors surname as either a first or middle name, especially if they were well to do.

In the 1776 will Muckleston Allen leaves his estate to his two sons the eldest Rees and younger son Richard. It is possible that the Muckleston part of the name was dropped at this time. However in 1795 a David Muckleston Allen is born and subsequently attends Dr Burneys Academy. Had someone decided to resurrect the family middle name? The only location for the birth was given as Marylebone and without further information the exact place and his parentage may be difficult to locate. He had a sister Sarah who went on to marry someone with the surname Bicknells. David died in 1874 and he and some of his family can be found on the 1861 census – however the middle name of Muckleston was not recorded on this occasion.

1851 census

Bowling Green, Llanlelly, Carnarvon, Wales.

David Allen, Head, Marr, 53, Landowner, born London

Frances Allen, Wife, Marr, 57, Landowners wife, born Mulling Kent

Frank Allen, Son, Unmarr, 20, Scholar at home, born Wrotham Kent

Lloyd Allen, son, unmarr, 18,Scholar at home. Born Wrotham Kent

Harriet Morton, dau in law, unmarr,35,daughter in law,Born Mulling Kent

Mary Lee, servant, unmarr, 23, House servant, Born Wem Shropshire

Elizabeth Sandland, servant, 21, House servant, Born Wem Shropshire

In the Yale University Osborn Manuscript file, under reference, 17161-66 there is apparently a diary written by David Muckleston Allen giving an account of his daily experiences in and about London as the son of a moderately prosperous businessman. There is also a photograph of a memorial plaque on the David Muckleston Allen family, erected sometime after 1907 at (unfortunately) an unidentified site.

Frank Muckleston Allen was the son of David; he was born about 1830 and was a bachelor for a long time. On 27th May 1873 in Kensington he married the widow of William Hands, Adelaide (nee Morgan) she had a daughter called Mary Inglis Hands.

The censuses of 1881 and 1891 indicate that they lived reasonably well in Caernarvon.

1881 Census entry reads

Address:Llanrug Caernarvon Wales

Frank Muckelston AllenHead, 55,Landownerborn Wrotham Kent.

Adelaide Muckleston Allen Wife,48born Carnarvon Wales

Two servants Jane Roberts (cook) and Margaret Griffiths (housemaid)

1891 census

Address Glyn Radam, Llanrug, Caernarvon, Wales

Frank Muckleston Allenhead aged 63 Living on own means born Wooton Kent

Adelaide Muckleston Allen wife aged 56 living on own means born Carnarvon

Mary Ingles Hands, dau, 33, living on own means born Bungalee, East Indies

Margaret Ann Mans, serv, 23, cook domestic servant

Mary Thomas, serv, 18, domestic servant,

By the time he died it would appear that family fortunes had changed as he left just £234 to his step daughter. If Frank was indeed the end of the Muckleston-Allen line, (his brother Lloyd was still unmarried and living in Caernarvon in 1891) then the name has gone along with the wealth. So it would indeed appear that the Muckleston-Allen connection may well span some 300 years.


He was a corser.


Occupation: Corser


i.EDWARD11 ALLEN, b. 19 Dec 1602, Oswestry.

ii.REBECCA ALLEN, b. 07 Jan 1606/07, Oswestry.

iii.SAMUEL ALLEN, b. 10 Jan 1608/09, Oswestry.

iv.ISAAC ALLEN, b. 12 Jan 1610/11, Oswestry; d. 18 Jul 1614, Oswestry.

v.ELEANOR ALLEN, b. 13 May 1616, Oswestry.

vi.MARY ALLEN, b. 16 May 1617, Oswestry.