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Muckleston Family History Group

researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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24.EDWARD10 MUCKLESTON (JOHN9, EDWARD8, HUGH7, THOMAS6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, ROGER2DE MUCCLESTON, HOESKYN1) was born Abt. 1575, and died 29 May 1638 in Preston Gubbals, Shropshire..He married MARY CORBETT 03 Jan 1615/16 in Preston Gubbals, Shropshire., daughter of THOMAS CORBETT and SARAH COLFOX.She was born 01 May 1595 in Preston Gubbals, Shropshire, and died 24 Apr 1657 in Preston Gubbals, Shropshire..


Occupation-Recorder of Oswestry. Gentleman.

His wifewas the daughter, and heir, of Thomas Corbett of Merrington. This estate eventually came to

her husband.

Quote: (Edward was)"of ancient family and estate of £120 at Pen Y Lan in Oswestry."

Mss. Calendar of Deeds and Charters. (Shrewsbury Records and Research):

Vol III - 2944.Indenture, dated August 11 (12 Jas 1), 1614 between:

(1) Edward Muckleston of Llanvorda, Gent. and,

(2) Edward Mytton, Lyncolme Lune, Gent.

Lease of various parcels of land in Llanvorda (described), for his lifetime, at apeppercorn rent.

Vol III - 2945.Indenture, dated August 20 (15 Jas. 1), 1617 between:

(1) Edward Muckleston of Meriden, Gent. and,

(2) Hugh Muckleston, his brother, of Oswestry, Mercer.

Bargain and sale of 3 closures in Llanvorda (named) and 2 shillings annuity. (Boundaries described and several owners mentioned).

Vol III - 2947.Bond of Edward Muckleston, of Meriden, Gent. to Edward Hughs ap Moughton, (Bucks.)Doctor in Sacred Theology, in #200, to perform covenants. Dated October 11 (22 Jas. 1) 1624.

Vol III - 2948Indenture, dated February 02 (6 Chas. 1), 1631 between:

(1) Edward Muckleston, of Meriden, Gent. and,

(2) Hugh Muckleston, of Oswestry, Gent. and Edward Davis, whittawer, (?widower)of do.

To save the latter, harmless of, and from Thomas Baker, of Sweeney, Gent., touching an obligation in #200 for payment of #108 etc.-conveyance of a messuage and lands inSweeney and Llanvorda with provisio.

In Antiquities and Memoirs of Myddle (1700):

Edward Muckleston was a gentleman of an ancient family. He had a fair house and an estate of about #120 per annum, where he was born, at a place called Pen Y Lan, near Oswestry, He married the daughter of one Mr. Corbett of Merrington. She was an heiress, of a good estate in lands, in Meriton. She was a provident housekeeper, if not tooparsimoniouse, but he proved not a careful husband for he sold part of his wife's land in Meriton to Sir Humphrey Lea, and they say his wife never consented to it. However, (though some suites have been brought concerning it,) yet it was never recovered.

In Burke's Commoners:

Edward Muckleston, Esq., of Pen Y Lan, Recorder of Oswestry, became possessed of the estate of Meriden, now Merrington, in the parish of Preston Gobalds, by his marriage(January 4th 1615) with Mary, daughter and heiress of Thomas Corbett Esq. (ref. no. 2037) by Sarah his wife (ref. no. 2038),

sister, and heiress, of Thomas Colefoxe, Esq. ( 2045) of Merrington. Edward Muckleston died in 1638.

In Alumni Oxonienses 1500 - 1714:

Muckleston, Edward of Salop, Gent.St. Mary's Hall.Matric. June 2nd 1592 aged 17. B.A. from Oriel College, February 5th 1595/6.

He was witness to a document which can be found in Shropshire R&R relating to Oswestry ref 484/167 dated 14 October 10 James I (1612).


Occupation: Gent and Recorder of Oswestry


Mary Corbett was the daughter, and heiress, of Thomas Corbett of Merrington. When her father died the

Merrington estate passed, via her, to her husband.


i.SARAH11 MUCKLESTON, b. 06 Mar 1616/17, Bap Preston Gubbals Shropshire; d. died young?.


In Antiquities and Memoirs of Myddle

Mary was married to Francis Lloyd of Cockshutt a gentleman of ancient family but very low in the world at the time of his marriage: for his fathers debts and mortgages of his lands were so great that his son did not know whether it was best to enter on his fathers estate or take his wifes portion and let the creditors take the lands and estate. However, by his labour and industry and by his parsimoniouse living retrieved all and afterward became very rich in lands there was no servant in the town that went more mean in habit, that fared hardier in diet, or that worked harder at any slavish labour than he did.

(although the history myddle gives the name as Mary, the parish records and marriage settlement name Sarah as his bride.)

In Shropshire R&R - ref 103/1/5/311 date 10 Sep 1638

Marriage Settlement

From Scope and Contents:

1. Mary Muckleston of Meryden Widow

In consideration of marriage of Frauncis Lloyd with Sara Muckleston, dtr of above, before 10 November next and £200 jointure. Declaration of uses £20 rent charge on moeity of premises to Sara if she survives Frauncis.

ii.MARGERY MUCKLESTON, b. 07 Apr 1619, Bap Preston Gubbals; d. Bef. 1706; m. ROBERT HAYWARD, 20 Feb 1664/65, St Marys Shrewsbury; d. Aft. 1700.


From the History of Myddle 1700

Robert Heyward was a lead ore factor (formerley an apprentice silver refiner in London) courted and married Margery Muckleston eldest daughter of Mr Edward Muckleston of Meriton she was short sighted and of noe commendable beauty but shee was a vertuouse and religiouse woman they lived somewhile in Shrewsbury they had noe child and lived very comfortably.

In a document he was referred to as a Gent in 1674.

“This belongs to that tenement in Balderton which is the ancient inheritance of the Haywards. And to that messuage in Alderton which Rowland Muckleston lately purchased of Thomas Downton, and to Braine’s tenement in Myddle... I find that the family of the Haywards is a very ancient one in this parish.... Robert the eldest son of Thomas Hayward the second was put apprentice to a refiner of silver in London. His master was a person of fanatical opinions and one that was of the sort of the millinarians or fifth monarchmen. His apprentice had soon imbibed the rudiments of his master.

Not long after the restoration of our late gracious sovereign King Charles II, the enthusiastical leaders or teachers of this sect persuaded their hearers that now that the critical time of the millennium was coming and their prayers were not only necessary, but their arms for bringing on of this work and encouraged them by telling that one of them should chase a 1,000 etc.

These deluded people made an insurrection in London and having got themselves well armed broke out into open rebellion, and marched along the streets making some sort of proclamation. But they were soon surrounded by the city militia and they were all taken and the city prisons were filled with them (amongst this rout was this Mister and his apprentice). But such was the clemency of that merciful king that they were all pardoned except their ringleader who I think was hanged.

This master refiner had by this means consumed his estate, and when he was set at liberty he went to Wales, and was their entertained as a factor to the Dutch merchants in their employment about lead ore. After his death his apprentice Robert Hayward was employed in the same post. And sometimes in his vacation came to visit his friends and made courtship to Mrs Margery Muckleston eldest daughter of Mr Edward Muckleston of Meriton and after married her. She was short sighted and of no commendable beauty but she was a virtuous and religious woman. They lived somewhile in Shrewsbury. They had no child and lived very comfortably. When his uncle the cook was dead and had given him this tenement in Balderton, then they came to live there, and there Robert Hayward laid out his wife’s portion (which was considerable) in purchasing some of that farm in Newton, which his father had formerly sold to Mr Hall, and afterwards he purchased Balderton Hall and all the lands which Mr Hall had in Balderton. He has taken Robert the youngest son of his brother Thomas to be his heir. He set him apprentice to a white draper in Shrewsbury (the wealthiest trade in town) and now he follows that trade, and also the same employment that his uncle had about the lead ore in Wales. Mrs Hayward is dead and Robert is yet living in Shrewsbury, and still retains his former opinions.”


Apprentice: Silver Refiner in London

Occupation: Lead Ore Factor

iii.MARY MUCKLESTON, b. 21 Jan 1620/21, Bap Preston Gubbals Shropshire; d. died young?.

iv.JOHN MUCKLESTON, b. 04 Sep 1623, (bap) Preston Gubbals, Shropshire.; d. 13 Nov 1663, St Martin, Preston Gubbals, Shropshire, (buried).


Occupation-Recorder of Oswestry, Gentleman and owner of Pen Y Lan and Merrington estates.

FromMss. Calendar of Deeds and Charters Vol. III2950.

Indenture dated August 23rd 1625 between:

(1) Richard Lloyd of Lloynamayne, Esq. and Edward his son and heir,

(2) John Muckleston,of Meriton, Gent.

Bargain and sale of a close of land called Errow Penvelan in Llanvorda.

InAntiquities and Memoirs of Myddle (1700):

"John Muckleston was no comely person, nor had a plausible way of speaking, but he was wise in his own conceit, and yet there was as much hope of a fool as of him. He died without issue and by his last will, devised the lands at Pen y Lan to his brother Richard, and the lands inMeriton to his youngest brother Rowland. He loved Rowland but cared not much for Richard."

In Burke's Commoners:

" John Muckleston, Esq. succeeded his father in his estates and in the office of Recorder. He died, unmarried, in 1663 when Merrington devolved on his brother Rowland Muckleston."


Occupation: Gent

v.ANN MUCKLESTON, b. 30 May 1626, (bap)Preston Gubbals, Shropshire.; d. Bef. 1700; m. ROBERT HIGGINSON, 10 Jun 1651, Preston Gubbals, Shropshire.; d. Bef. 1700.


In Antiquities and Memoirs of Myddle (1700):-

Anne was marriedto Robert Higginson, of Ellesmere, a Mercer, they lived plentiful but both are dead


In the history of Myddle page 141


Occupation: Mercer