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researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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114.ELIZABETH FRANCIS16 SLANEY (ELIZABETH15 MUCKLESTON, WILLIAM HAWKINS14, RICHARD13, JOSEPH12, RICHARD11, EDWARD10, JOHN9, EDWARD8, HUGH7, THOMAS6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, ROGER2DE MUCCLESTON, HOESKYN1) was born 1813 in Old Church St Pancras London, and died 26 Nov 1870 in Hatton Grange Shifnal Shropshire.She married THOMAS CAMPBELL EYTON 13 May 1835 in Hatton Shropshire, son of THOMAS EYTON and ELIZABETH CAMPBELL.He was born 10 Sep 1809 in Eyton Hall, Wellington, Shropshire, and died 25 Oct 1880.


Of Walford Manor. Part of her marriage settlemet assured her £400p.a. for life from her husband. Her will was valued under £16,000


Baptism: 20 Dec 1813, Old Church St Pancras Middx


Thomas Campbell Eyton (10 September 1809 – 25 October 1880) was an English naturalist whose fields were cattle, fishes and birds. He was a friend and correspondent of Charles Darwin though he opposed his theories.[1]

Eyton was born at Eyton Hall, near Wellington, Shropshire. He studied at St John's College, Cambridge,[2] where he was a contemporary and friend of Charles Darwin. After succeeding to the estate in 1855 Eyton built a large natural history museum at Eyton Hall.

Eyton published History of the Rarer British Birds (1836), A Monograph on the Anatidae, Or Duck Tribe (1838), A History of Oyster and Oyster Fisheries (1858) and Osteologia Avium (1871-78).

In Shropshire R&R ref 665/485-6 (undated) is a draft will of Thomas Campbell Eyton.

He had a collection of stuffed birds, insects and other items of zoology.

In Shropshire R&R ref 665/487 dated approx 1854

From Scope and Content....

It is proposed that Robert Aglionby Slaney esq shall advance Thomas Campbell Eyton £1400 at 3.1/2% clear until the death of Mr Eyton's father now aged 75, without any insurance of T C Eytons life against the latters and that Miss Mary Slaney shall advance a further £600 at 4% clear but that Mr T C Eyton should insure his life (45) against his fathers for £600 in the Minerva or some other office and keep up such policy of insurance for the ebenfit of Miss Slaney until his fathers death, when Mr T C Eyton will pay off the £2000. It is proposed that as this is a family arrangement that Mr W H Slaney shall be named as trustee on behalf of Mr R A Slaney and Miss Mary Slaney. Should T C Eyton die before his father Mr R A Slaney will run the risque of his not leaving enough personal property to pay this and his other debts, and Miss Slaney will be secured in this event by the insurance.

IN Shropshire R&R ref 665/499-500 (no Date)

File - note of debts paid for T C Eyton out of the £1600 lent by R A Slaney.


ref 665/504 date 26 Feb 1858

T C Eyton to Slaney. He will require the sum he mentioned, £2500 to pay off the small things and get things in a smaller compass. He thinks a note of hand would be sufficient security considering the amount of capital employed. His estimate is very much under value, he finds on going in the accounts. He does not think R A would like to have anything to do with the matter as it is not known how soon another election may turn up.


ref 665/505 7 March (assume 1858)

"I am sorry and somewhat surprised to find T Eyton so much involved as he had told me he should be able before Easter to pay me off a great part of what he owed me, instead of wanting more. I think also from several circumstances, that he forgets things and is not altogether to be trusted as to the accuracy of his statements. This makes it necessary for you to have in writing and after seeing him the real amount of his debts. Now, however, the question is, what is to be done to aid him and uphold his credit. I should like on this to consult with you but I think if you ascertain that £2500 will remove his difficulties and enable him to clear matters, and their is fair and reasonable prospect of his repaying in 2 years, if he will make by sale of shares etc. £1000, I would try to advance him on Bond and low (4%) interest £1500 for 2 years - but I think before this is done - He should agree to let up and let his large farm, only retaining the lawn and a samll farm not together above 100 acres: and to wind up and let the tile kiln, as to keep al within a smaller compass, till his income is permamently increased. I had rather you should communicate with him, by seeing him you can judge somewhat of his steadiness and clearness and if you think it advisable, I will be ready directly or soon after lady day to advance him the £1500; you ought to know how it is aplied and see the other £1000 is got by sale of shares to pay debts and get the bond for me all straight - If not pressing, I think you might wait a day or two before you told him I would advance anything; but you can see him and find out the facts as he forgets some I think. I have just finished paying the Election Expenses, and will soon pay Jenkins Bill: I try to keep something always ready but this call to help Eyton again is rather unexpected."

..ref 665/605 - Thomas Eyton to Slaney (no date)

He will be hapy to see him and explain everything he can, Slaney may go through the books if he likes. Postscript - He would like to have £500 tomorrow having had a sudden cal upon him by the contractor and £15100 at present owed to him by other parties, all recoverable but £20.

..ref 665/507 - T Eyton to Slaney date 16 March 1858

He incloses the interest account Slaney saw at Eyton and which is includedin expenditure. The book could not be entirely balanced until Lady Day but he thinks (the accounts) are within a few pounds either way or another, then there is £200 for sundries. He feels Millington will become clamourous if not paid directly. he has written to Drummonds for the account of stock.

.. ref 665/508 date 16 March (no year) assume 1858

R A Slaney to his brother William Henry "I have received your letter and statement and feel grategul to you for the trouble you are taking, which may I hope, be the means of saving our young friend from ruin and sorrow and poor Lizzy and your neices etc from much privitation and suffering. There are several things in the accounts that we can talk over and want explanation - I am sorry to say that his statements are sometimes loose and inaccurate and you ought to be aware you cannot always depend on them. I shall therefore as you have seen him depend on the written memorandum I will endeavour therefore if you will manage to see to the payments to advance and pay to your account at Messrs. Child's £1600 as an advance to Eyton on this Bond - please state to him clearly I do this as an act of Friendship to him and his family - on condition 1st that he solemnly promises to take steadily to water and leave off intoxocating liquors, and 2 that he arranges amd you for him the direct payment to Lizzy for the children amd through the bankers of the £300 per annum and 3 that he agrees (and you will see to it) the gradual sale of shares and of necessary farming stock to meet the debts coming on, and to pay off as soon as possible by care and economy the other debts. Tell him I will under these conditions though at some inconvenience make him this advance - I think you might get the bond on a stamp as a promissary note at Shifnal without having it from Jankins and you can draw it up shut (?) and it will do quite well. PS "I should probably leave for Shropshire about 1st April and return to London after Easter week on 10 or 12 April you will hardly come up till after Easter. I suppose it will do if £1000 is paid in a day, or two and £600 in a week after to your account. I am glad Lizzie knows the whole - if he will be steady all will do yet.

.. ref 665/510 date 16 May 1858 T C Eyton to W H Slaney Hatton Shifnal

He is certainly in a corner but should be able to apy all if people pay him, his tenant in London has not paid any rent for a year and a half, so he has been obliged to lay hold of the tenants furniture. If Slaney helps him till 27 June he would be much obliged, if the shares go off he can repay before, the utmost he has got in hand at present is £300. Note endoresed by W H Slaney that he agreed to lend £300 to take up Mr Millingtons bill and to be repaid at the end of June.


Baptism: 12 Sep 1809, Wellington




Baptism: 11 Sep 1838, Wrockwardine

ii.ROSE MARY EYTON, b. Abt. 1840.


In Shropshire R&R ref 665/496 date c 1905

File - Note from wrapping of a packet in Miss Rose Eyton's box "Given me by Mrs Slaney Eyton Aug 30 1905" "Also by Mrs Kenyon Slaney". "A ggod many relating to wills I took to Ralph A Eyton"

Of Hatton grange Shifnal.

In Shropshire R&R ref 665/5830

Correspondance about trust for children of T C Eyton


Baptism: 21 Apr 1840, Wrockwardine

iii.FRANCES JULIA EYTON, b. Abt. 1841.


Baptism: 29 Jul 1841, Wrockwardine

126.iv.THOMAS SLANEY EYTON, b. Abt. 1843, Wrockwardine, Salop.



Baptism: 17 Apr 1844, Wrockwardine

vi.ROBERT SLANEY EYTON, b. Abt. 1845.


Baptism: 07 Jan 1846, Wrockwardine



Baptism: 23 Dec 1848, Wrockwardine

viii.MARY ELIZABETH EYTON, b. Abt. 1851.


Baptism: 11 Aug 1851, Eyton upon the Weald Moors

ix.ALICE EMILY EYTON, b. Abt. 1854.


Baptism: 20 Mar 1854, Eyton upon the Weald Moors

115.MARY16 SLANEY (ELIZABETH15 MUCKLESTON, WILLIAM HAWKINS14, RICHARD13, JOSEPH12, RICHARD11, EDWARD10, JOHN9, EDWARD8, HUGH7, THOMAS6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, ROGER2DE MUCCLESTON, HOESKYN1) was born 17 Mar 1817 in St Pancras Middx, and died 17 May 1866.She married WILLIAM WATKIN EDWARD WYNNE 08 May 1839.He was born 23 Dec 1801 in Pickhill Hall, Denbs, and died 09 Jun 1880 in Llanegryn.

Notes for MARY SLANEY:

1851 Census

Mount Lion, Sellaytn, Shropshire

William Watkin Edward Wynne Head, 49, Magistrate, b Bangor Denbs

Mary Wynne, Wife, 34, b St pancras Middx.

William Maurice Robert Wynne, son, 11, b Ruyton Salop

Owen Slaney Wynne, son, 8, b Ruyton Salop

plus visitors

Ellinor Laura Powell, niece, 21, b Cardiganshire

Charles Burton Phillipson, nephew, 4 b Flintshire

plus 6 servants.


Baptism: 25 Apr 1817, Old Church St Pancras Middx


(was he of the Wynnstay branch?)

The career of WILLIAM WYNNE ( 1801 - 1880 ) is described fully by G. Tibbott in Jnl. of the Mer. Hist. Soc. , i, 69-76. Born at Pickhill Hall , 23 Dec. 1801 , he went to Westminster School in 1814 and matriculated at Oxford , as of Jesus College , 24 March 1820 . On 8 May 1839 he m. Mary , daughter of Robert Aglionby Slaney , Member of Parliament for Shrewsbury . There were two sons of the marriage: William Robert Maurice Wynne and Owen Slaney Wynne ( 1842 - 1908 ). W. W. E. Wynne was Member of Parliament for Merioneth for thirteen years (from 1852 ), and high sheriff of the county in 1867 ; he was also a deputy-lieutenant , a county magistrate , and constable of Harlech castle (appointed 1874 ). It is, however, as an antiquary (he was president of the Cambrian Archaeological Association in 1850 ; about forty articles by him appeared in Arch. Camb. ), and genealogist that he will be remembered by posterity, and particularly as the careful custodian and studious searcher through, and cataloguer of, the Hengwrt manuscripts , which became his property, by bequest of Sir Robert Williames Vaughan , 3rd baronet , in 1859 (see the article on Robert Vaughan , Hengwrt ). By training and inclination he was ideally equipped for the trusteeship of the Hengwrt-Peniarth manuscripts , which, incidentally, included many volumes other than those formerly at Hengwrt (e.g. the Penbedw library). He contributed to Arch. Camb. a catalogue of his manuscripts ( 1861-71 ); he was also generous in the matter of giving access to them to trusted scholars, whilst he must also have been very busy answering inquiries from a host of searchers throughout Britain . A most valuable feature of his work were notes which he supplied to S. R. Meyrick 's edition of Lewis Dwnn 's Heraldic Visitations ( 1846 ) and to Edward Breese 's Kalendars of Gwynedd ( 1873 ). Others to whom he gave valued assistance were Sir Henry Ellis , editor of The Record of Kaernarvon ( 1838 ), and Askew Roberts , who prepared the third ed. ( 1877 ) of Sir John Wynn 's History of the Gwydir Family . Angharad Llwyd and Richard Llwyd (‘ Bard of Snowdon ’) were often at Peniarth , whilst among Wynne 's numerous correspondents were such antiquaries as Joseph Morris of Shrewsbury and John Jones , Llanllyfni . Other publications by him (besides numerous contributions to Mont. Coll. , Y Cymmrodor , and Bye-Gones ) were A … Guide to Harlech Castle ( London , 1878 ) and Hist. of the Parish of Llanegryn ( London , 1879 ); his projected reissue of John Davies 's, Display of Herauldry was not fulfilled because of his death. He d. 9 June 1880 , and was buried at Llanegryn . After the death of the survivor of his sons the bulk of the Peniarth manuscripts became the property (in 1909 ) of Sir John Williams ( 1840 - 1926 ) (q.v.) , who had purchased the reversion, and came into the National Library of Wales .


Occupation: 1851, Magistrate

Children of MARY SLANEY and WILLIAM WYNNE are:


ii.OWEN SLANEY WYNNE, b. 1842; d. 1908.