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researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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57.JOSEPH12 MUCKLESTON (RICHARD11, EDWARD10, JOHN9, EDWARD8, HUGH7, THOMAS6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, ROGER2DE MUCCLESTON, HOESKYN1) was born 24 Feb 1671/72 in (Bap) St Chads Shrewsbury, and died 28 Jun 1730 in (buried) St Chads Shrewsbury.He married MARY HAWKINS, daughter of WILLIAM HAWKINS.She was born Abt. 1668, and died 24 Sep 1739 in St Chads Shrewsbury (age 71).


His father left him the lands that he had purchased in Merrington.

He was bound an apprentice May 1st 1689 To James Phillips Mercer

Voted for Council 1713

Held freehold at ?Pantra ?Gaer

Will proved by son Joseph on 12th december 1730.

Sworn Burgess of Shrewsbury 1701

The Shrewsbury Burgess Roll - HE Forrest FLS (1924):-

Joseph of Shrewsbury, grocer, son of Richard 1701.

In Antiquities and Memoirs of Myddle (1700):-

Joseph is a grocer in Shrewsbury and his father gave him the lands in Meriton which he had purchased of Mr Colefax's daughters.

In Burkes Commoners:

Joseph of Shrewsbury married Miss Mary Hawkins and had issue Jospeh and Richard.

Chirk Castle Accounts 1666-1753

1718 Sept 2

Paid Mr Joseph Mucklestone of Salop in full of his bill for 12 pound of sugar at 7d -- 7s and for 12 pound of other at 5.3/4d -- 5s 9d

paid 0 12 6

A note at the foot of the page:

Joseph son of Richard Muckleston of Salop Gent; he was a grocer, lived in Kiln Lane and was made free of the town, 1701 and at the same time made an assistant or a counsellor; and served as Mayor in 1716; he married Mary daughter of Hawkins of Burton upon trent, whom survived him. he had a son of his own name, who took up his freedom on 29th November 1721, a son Richard and two daughters Mary and Joanna, he was buried at st Chads on 28th June 1730. his widow was buried there on 24th September 1739. His will was proved at London, by his son Joseph on 12th December 1730.


I Joseph Mucklestone, Alderman and Gent of the town of Shrewsbury give unto my eldest son Joseph Mucklestone and his heirs all my messuages in Merrington and Preston Gubbals Co Salop also four messuages in Kilne Lane which I largely purchased Mr John Scott and Mr John Waringe being now in possession John Peake, Sarah Steene, Lucy Cope and William Butcher. I give to my said on Joseph the compters, shelves, weights, scales, engines, presses, boxes, sieves belonging to my trade, also my camblett cloak and black and scarlett gowns and I do hereby give to my dear and loving wife £50 to keep house with the first year after my death and the bed and the furniture of the chamber over the parlour in my now dwelling house and the use of all the rest of my household goods and plate I give to her those two messuages in a street in Shrewsbury called Mervents by the Wall and now in the holding of myself, John Crague and Peter Jones I give unto her a moeity of all profits that shall arise out of my eighth part share of a lead mine at a place called Minera Co Denbigh and the other moeity thereof I give to my other son Richard Mucklestone and my daughters Mary and Joanna Mucklestone I give unto him my messuage and lands in Prescott I give to my wife Mary and to my son Joseph and to their heirs my two messuages in the Castle Foregate one of the suburbs of Shrewsbury to dispose of they to be executors procees to my three children Richard, Mary and Joanna Mucklestone It is my will that my son Richard shall have as much thereof as wil with the estate in Prescott which I have hereby given to him and which I value at £440 make his share equalwith the share of that of his sisters I commit the guardianship of such of my children as shall be under 21 at the time of my death.

Dated Sept 21st 1725

Witnesses John Taylor, Richard Sandland, William Billingsley

Proved 12th Dec 1730[337 Anber]


Occupation: 1706, Grocer

Probate: 12 Dec 1730, London


74.i.JOSEPH13 MUCKLESTON, b. 02 Dec 1699, Shrewsbury Shropshire; d. 15 Jul 1757.

ii.MARTHA MUCKLESTON, b. 12 May 1702, Bap St Chads Shrewsbury Shropshire; d. 1720.

iii.MARY MUCKLESTON, b. 13 Jul 1704, Bap St Chads Shrewsbury Shropshire; d. 16 Dec 1776; m. WILLIAM JONES, 30 Dec 1729, St Chad Shrewsbury Shropshire.


Of the Farm (Chilton) Salop

iv.BENJAMIN MUCKLESTON, b. 31 Jul 1706, (bap) St. Chad's, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.; d. 22 Aug 1707, St. Chad's, Shrewsbury, Shropshire. (buried from).

v.SAMUEL MUCKLESTON, b. 31 Jul 1706, Bap St Chad Shrewsbury Shropshire; d. 01 Aug 1706, Bur St Chad Shrewsbury Shropshire. MUCKLESTON, b. 28 May 1708, St Chads Shrewsbury; d. 29 Oct 1773, Bur StJohn the Baptist Hillingdon Middx.

vii.JOHANNA MUCKLESTON, b. 29 Feb 1711/12, (bap) St. Chad's, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.; d. 15 Feb 1769.





Source:Public record Office.Prob 11/952

In the name of God Amen I Joana Muckleston of the town of Shrewsbury in the county of Salop Spinster being in reasonable good health but considering the uncertainty of life do make and ordain this my last will and testament (that is to say) I give and bequeath to my several nephews Joseph Jones, Thomas Jones and William Hawkins Muckleston and to each and every of them the sum of one hundred pounds a piece Also I give to the trustees of the Salop Infirmary ten pounds Also I give to my brother Richard ten pounds and to his wife five pounds to my sister Jones ten pounds and to my nephew and niece William and Mary Jones five pounds each for mourning Also I give to my cousin Mrs Bridge two pounds Also I give all my linnen and china to be equally divided between my said nephews Joseph and Thomas Jones all the rest and residue of my estates real as well as personal whatsoever and wheresoever I give and devise to my nephew and Godson Joseph Muckleston and his heirs assigns for ever and do make my said brother Richard and nephew Thomas Jones joint executors of this my said will hereby revoking all former and other in witness whereof I have herewith set my hand and seal this third day of October one thousand seven hundred and sixty six - Joana Muckleston - (Seal) - Signed sealed and published by the testatrix as for her last will and testament before us who set our names as witnesses in the presence of us and of each other - Edward Muckleston - E. Mercer - Isa: Hawkins

Bror. I desire Mr Wm Jones of the farm may have twenty pounds Mr and Mrs Hawkins five pounds apiece, my work't bed to my nephew Joseph Jones and when he dies to go to Tommy Jones, what china I have here at the farm to Jo: Jones the napkins to Tommy Jones- Joana Muckleston - 9th January 1769

January 13th 1767

I desire Mr Hawkins to accept of five pounds Mrs Hawkins the same, my work't bed and watch to my Godson Jos: Muckleston my china that is at the farm to my sister Muckleston - Joana Muckleston -

January 11th 1768

Mrs Jones of Wolverhampton to have my workt bed and Mrs Hawkins to have poor Mrs Griffiths workt screen - Joana Muckleston -

9th October 1769

Which day appeared personally Mary Muckleston (wife of Richard Muckleston) of the parish of Stoke Newington in the County of Middlesex Mary Langhorn of the parish of st Mary Islington in the county of Middlesex aforesaid Widow and being sworn on the Holy Evangelists to depose the truth made oath as follows that they these depondents know and were well acquainted with Joana Muckleston formerly of the town of Shrewsbury in the county of Salop but late of the parish of Stoke Newington aforesaid Spinster deceased for several years before and to the time of her death whereby they and each of them became acquainted with her manor and character of handwriting and subscription having often seen her write and subscribe her name and having now viewed and perused the three several paper writings hereunto annexed purporting to be and contain three several codicils and additions to her last will and testament the first bearing date May the 13th 1767 beginning - I desire Mr Hawkins - ending to my sister Muckleston - and subscribed Joana Muckleston - the second bearing date January 11th 1768 beginning - Mrs Jones of Wolverhampton - ending - Mrs Griffiths worked screen - and subscribed Joana Muckleston - the third bearing date 9th January 1769 beginning- Bror I desire Mr Wm Jones - ending - the napkins to Tommy Jones - and subscribed Joanna Muckleston - they these depondents do severally depose that they do verily and in their consciences believe that the several subscriptions set to the said codicils to be all of the proper handwriting of the said deceased - Mary Muckleston - Mary Langhorn - same day the said Mary Muckleston (wife of Richard Muckleston) and Mary Langhorn widow were duly sworn to the truth of this affidavit - before me - Geo: Harris surrogate present Thos Adderley Noty. Pubc.

This will was proved at London (with three codicils) on the thirteenth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty nine before the worshipful George Harris Doctor of Laws surrogate of the Right Worshipful George Hay also Doctor of Laws Master Keeper a Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the oath of Richard Muckleston the brother of the deceased and one of the executors named in the will to whom administration of all and singular the goods chattels and credits of the deceased was granted he having first being sworn to duly administer - power reserved of making the like grant to Thomas Jones the nephew of the deceased and the other executor when he shall apply for the same. Exd.

[The next section mainly illegible on the copy, is in small writing in the margin. It looks like notes shadowing the formal statement of probate - last section]

On the fourth day Admon with the will and three codicils annexed of the goods chattels and credits of Joana Muckleston formerly of the town of Shrewsbury in the county of Salop but late of the parish of Stoke Newington in the county of Middlesex Spinster all was *** Richard *** brother *** *** *** *** named in the said will he having first sworn duly to *** the like *** and the other executor [named] in the said will *** *** thereof


Will Summary

Date:Written 3rd October 1766 Proved London 13th October 1769 Codicils 13 Jan 1767, 11 Jan 1768, 9th Jan 1769

Premises: None noted as owned.

Bequests: £100 each to nephews Joseph Jones, thomas Jones and William Hawkins Muckleston, £10 to Salop Infirmary, £10to brother Richard Muckleston £5 to his wife, £10 tosister Jones, £5 each for mourning to nephew and nieceWilliam and Mary Jones £2 to cousin Mrs Bridge, linenand china to nephews Joseph and Thomas Jones, residueto nephew and godson Joseph Muckleston.

1st Codicil - £5 each to Mr and Mrs Hawkins worked bed and watch to godson Joseph Muckleston, china at farmto sister Muckleston.

2nd Codicil - worked bed to Mrs Jones of Wolverhampton, poor Mrs griffiths worked screen to Mrs Hawkins.

3rd Codicil - £20 to William Jones of the farm, £5 each to Mr and Mrs Hawkins worked bed to nephew Joseph Jonesand when he dies to Tommy Jones, china at farm toJoseph Jones, napkins to Tommy Jones.

Executor: brother Richard Muckleston and nephew Thomas Jones.


Genealogical Information

Joanna Muckleston[Ref 0221]

Baptised:February 1711/2 at St Chads Shrewsbury

Died:15th February 1769

Parents:Joseph MucklestonGrocer and Mary

Siblings:Joseph, Mary [md Jones], Richard.