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researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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I Sarah Muckleston of Green Fields in the County of Salop Widow do make this Codicil to my last Will and Testament which bears date the 17th Day of July last Whereas in my said Will I have appointed Edward Lloyd of the Town of Shrewsbury Baker one of the Executors thereof and have committed several trusts therein mentioned to his charge and have left him a certain Legacy and have also devised and bequeathed to him certain Remainders in my Estates Real and Personal And whereas the said Edward Lloyd by the decay of his health and encrease of his Infirmities is not likely to answer my Expectation in the trusts I have reposed in him I do hereby revoke the Executorship together with all trusts and confidences placed in the said Edward Lloyd by my said Will as also all Legacies contingent Remainders and devises whatsoever therein given to him *** *** *** meaning that the said Edward Lloyd shall take no benefit advantage or trust whatsoever by my said Will and I appoint Roger Kynaston of Shrewsbury Esquire Executor to my said Will in his place and I nominate and appoint the said Roger Kynaston my Trustee in all places and to all purposes wherein the said Edward Lloyd is appointed *** *** my said Will And Whereas by my said Will an Annuity of Forty Pounds per Annum is devised to my Daughter Sarah Topham charged on my Real Estate but being aware that by Accidents my said Real Estate may not every year prove sufficient for that purpose and being willing that at all Events my said Daughter may duly receive the said Annuity in manner it is devised to her I do hereby charge likewise with the said Annuity all the Personal Estate bequeathed to the use of my Grand Son James Topham so that what deficiency shall happen in my Real Estate towards paying the said Annuity shall be made good out of the Personal Estate aforesaid And whereas by my said Will I have directed that all my Household Goods and Furniture except my Plate should be sold for the best Price and for the most Money that can be reasonably had for the same I do by this my Codicil give and bequeath a Chest a Hair Trunk in the right hand Garrett in my Dwelling House a large Trunk on the Stair head on the Upper Floor with what is contained in them the other Bedsteads Hangings and Coverlets the Chest of Drawers a small Cabinet Chairs Table and looking Glass G** Furniture in the Room over the Common Parlour of my said dwelling House unto my said Daughter Sarah Topham And Whereas by my said Will the Residue of the Money arising from my Personal Estate is bequeathed to my Trustees to be placed out on Government or other Securities and the Interest thereof is directed to be applied towards the education use and benefit of my said Grand Son during his Minority and after he shall attain the Age of twenty one years the said Residue to be received by may said Grand Son and his Assigns but no disposal is made thereof in case he should die before the Age of twenty one years I do therefore hereby bequeath to my said Trustees the said Residue in case my Grand Son should die before the Age of twenty one years or so much thereof as would remain undisposed of otherwise by my said Will and -*** in trust for my said Grand Daughter and my will and meaning is that the said Residue shall be then vested in my said Trustees for the same uses intents and purposes with the Remainder to the same Persons except the said Edward Lloyd as by my said Will is directed and appointed with regard to the twelve hundred Pounds therein bequeathed for the use of my said Grand Daughter and other Purposes And I hereby empower my said Trustees to advance and apply any part of the said Residue that they shall think proper in placing out or advancing my said Grand Son in the World so that the Money so to be applied do not exceed the Sum of Four hundred Pounds And in case my Daughter Sarah Topham should die during the Minority of my said Grand Children or either of them without appointing Guardians for them in such Case I do hereby nominate and appoint my said Trustees and the Survivor of them Guardians of my said Grand Children and each of them during their respective Minorities In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this second Day of December in the Year 1762 Sarah Muckleston [-seal-] Signed Sealed Published and Declared to be the Codicil to the last Will and Testament of the above named Sarah Muckleston *** who attested the same in the presence of her and of each other Thos Edwards, Willm. Briscoe, Thos. Aldney.

On the nineteenth Day of July in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty three Administration with the Will and Codicil annexed of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of Sarah Muckleston late of Shrewsbury in the County of Salop Widow deceased was granted to James Topham the Residuary Legatee named in the said Will he having been first sworn duly to Administer The Letters of Administration of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the said deceased granted in the Ninth of July in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty two to Sarah Topham Widow the natural and lawful Daughter of the said deceased having been first revoked and declared null and void And Richard Newell the Executor named in the said Will and Roger Kynaston the Executor named in the said Codicil and the Residuary Legatees in trust having first renounced as well the Execution thereof as the Letters of Administration with the said Will and Codicil thereto annexed of the Goods of the said deceased.Ex'd


Will Summary

Date:written: 17 July 1762;grant with Will & Codicil: 19 July 1783

Codicil: 2 December 1762;

Letters of Administration first granted 9 July 1782 to daughter Sarah Topham, but later declared null and void; final grant was to grandson James Topham.

Requests: none.

Premises: real estate owned but not identified; lived Green Fields,nr Shrewsbury.

Bequests: £40/year from rents to daughter Sarah Topham, widow of Edward Topham, City of London carpenter, provided she doesn'tbother the Trustees, otherwise only £20/year; rest of rentincome for benefit of grandson James Topham (son of Sarah)until he is 21 and his mother dies, then fully to him, thenhis heirs, but if none then to granddaughter Elizabeth Topham(daughter of Sarah), then her heirs, but if none then toRichard Newell, Edward Lloyd and Thomas Blakeway, Shrewsburygent;

£30 each to Richard Newell and Edward Lloyd; plate to granddaughter Elizabeth Topham or anyone entitled to the £1200 below;

from sale of personal estate invest £1200, income for benefit of granddaughter Elizabeth Topham until she is 18 or married, then to her for life, then principal to her children, but if none then income to grandson James Topham for life, then principal to his children, but if none then to Richard Newell, Edward Lloyd and Thomas Blakeway, Shrewsbury gent;

residue to grandson James Topham when 21, meanwhile income for his benefit, but if he gets more than £500 from Thomas Topham of Barnet, he must yield £200 to be added to the £1200 above.

Codicil revokes everything to Edward Lloyd; a chest, a hair trunk in the right hand garrett of the house, a large trunk on the stair head on the upper floor, and contents, various furniture, some in the room over the common parlour all to daughter Sarah Topham; residue is added to the £1200 if grandson James Topham dies before 21; up to £400 from residue may be used to set him out in the world.

Executors:friends Richard Newell, Shrewsbury town, cheese factor and Edward Lloyd, Shrewsbury town, baker; Codicil replaced ailing Edward Lloyd with Roger Kynaston, Shrewsbury.Both executors subsequently renounced execution.

Witnesses: Thomas? Edwards, Shrewsbury ironmonger, William Bunce, Shrewsbury hatter, Thomas Adney, Shrewsbury saddler.

Codicil: Thomas Edwards, William Briscoe, Thomas Aldney.


Genealogical Information

Sarah MucklestonRef 2212

Widow of Richard Muckleston Mercer Ref 0212 who will is dated 1748.

Maiden Name:Cowkley married twice to cousins both named Richard Muckleston.

Married:Last husband 28th August 1740

Buried:No details available.

Children: One surviving by her first husband Sarah, three died in infancy two named Elizabeth Cowkley Muckleston andEdward Muckleston.

ii.EDWARD MUCKLESTON, b. 14 Apr 1699, (bap) St Mary's, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.; d. 27 May 1737.


Occupation-Clock and watchmaker of London.

Sworn in as Burgess of Shrewsbury in 1721.

From Shropshire Monumental Inscriptions:

Shrewsbury-St. Alkmunds (inside the church),South Transept

"Mr. Edward Mucklestone d. 1737."

From Index to Apprentices: 1710 - 1762

6/173 1718 Muckleston, edward, Edw deceased to Jn Delander cit and clock £35.


Occupation: Clock and Watchmaker of London

iii.ANN MUCKLESTON, b. 27 Mar 1701, (bap)St. Mary's, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.; d. Aft. 1748.