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researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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56.EDWARD12 MUCKLESTON (RICHARD11, EDWARD10, JOHN9, EDWARD8, HUGH7, THOMAS6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, ROGER2DE MUCCLESTON, HOESKYN1) was born 21 Feb 1668/69 in (bap) St Chad's, Shrewsbury, and died 23 Jan 1702/03 in St. Mary's, Shrewsbury, (buried).He married GRACE OWENS 02 Jul 1696 in Great Ness, Shropshire., daughter of ROBERT OWEN.



In Antiquities and Memoirs of Myddle (1700):

"Edward is a tanner, and his father gave him several lands and houses in Shrewsbury."

In Burke's Commoners:

"Edward, who married Grace, daughter of Robert Owen (2156) esq., of Wilcott, and had two sons, Richard of Greenfields and Edward, who died unmarried."

The Shrewsbury Burgess Rolls - H E Forrest (1924):-

Edward of Shrewsbury, Gentleman, another son (of Richard), issue John, Both admitted 1708





Source: Public Record Office Prob 11/470

This one and thirtieth day of October in the first year of the reign of our Sovereign Lady Ann by this grace of God of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Queen defender of the faith *** and in the year of our Lord God 1702, I Edward Muckleston of the town and county of Salop, Gent, being of good and perfect memory (praise be God for the same) and well *** I am ordained to die and the time of my death is uncertain and being minded to put in order and dispose of what it has pleased almighty God to bestow upon me to my wife and children and to the intent that no strife should arise amongst them after my decease, touching the same do make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say first I bequeath my soul and spirit into the hands of Almighty God my heavenly father by whom and of his *** grace and mercy I trust to be saved unto eternal rest through the death of my Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ in whose precious blood I set the hope of my salvation, and my wretched body in hopes of joyful resurrection I commit to the earth to be buried and the funeral order according to the discretion of my Executors hereunto named. And as for my real and personal estate, I give devise and bequeath the same as followeth. Item, I give devise and bequeath all my two freehold messuages and lands thereunto belonging which I lately purchased of from John Gardure Esq lying in the Castle Foregate in the said Town and County of Salop to my father-in-law Robert Owen of Wilcott in the said County of Salop, Gent, and my brother Benjamin Muckleston of the said Town and County of Salop, Gent, their heirs and Assigns for ever to be by them sold as soon as may be for the raising of portions for my three children as hereafter is expressed and whereas I am possessed of and interested in one other messuage and lands thereunto belonging lying in Brompton in the Parish of Chustorf and County of Salop aforesaid by lease for many years yet to come. If John Bigginson or Jane his sister or either of them shall for long live I give devise and bequeath the said demised premises and every part thereof and all my estate right and title in to the same, to the said Robert Owen and Benjamin Muckleston their executors Administrators and Assigns for and during the rest and residue of the said term determinable as aforesaid upon this trust and confidence in them exposed that they shall permit and suffer my well beloved wife Grace Muckleston to receive the *** and profits thereof for and during the time of her life if the said lease shall so long continue as well for the maintenance and the maintenance of my said children until they attain to the age of one and twenty years as also in full recompense of her Dower and title of Dower and demand of into and out of my messuages lands and tenements what serves. And if it shall happen that the said lease shall become void determine or lapse at any time during the lifetime of my said wife and before my said children shall attain the age of one and twenty years and then my will and mind is that the said Robert Owen and Benjamin Muckleston shall satisfy and pay unto my said wife all the interest of *** money as shall be raised by the sale of my said lands and messuages and lands in Shrewsbury aforesaid. But in case the said lease shall determine after my said children shall attain to the age of one and twenty years that then my will and meanings is that my said wife shall have and receive from my said executors the interest of two hundred pounds and no more yearly for and towards the maintenance during her life. And after her decease the said two hundred pounds to be equally amongst my said children. Also I give and bequeath to my said wife all my household goods and implements of household so long as she continues sole and unmarried, but if it happens that she does marry then my will and meaning is that my executors hereinafter named shall sell and dispose of the same and every part thereof to and for the use and benefit of my said children. Then my will is that all my debts which I owe to any person or persons whatsoever at the time of my death be well *** paid by my executors within convenient time after decease and in order thereunto I give and bequeath to my said executors all the rest and residue of my goods, chattels and personal estate whatsoever to be sold also for the payment of my said debts and funeral expenses and augmenting the portions for my said children and I will that all and every sum and sums of money that will be raised by my executors out of my said real or personal estate over and above my debts and funeral expenses shall together with the growing interest of such overplus be paid out to the best benefit and advantage and the same to be equally divided between them my three children, Richard, Edward and Ann when they shall attain to their several ages of one and twenty years and if any of them shall happen to die before that time my will is that such share and portion of such child so dying before that time shall be divided to and amongst the survivors of them. And I for hereby revoke all former wills by me made and of this my last will to nominate and appoint my said father-in-law Robert Owen and my said brother Benjamin Muckleston my Executors in witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seal the day and year first above written. Edward Muckleston.

Signed sealed published and declared in the presence and sight of us Jn Edwards ***, Richard Owen, John Joyce ***


Will Summary.

Dates:Written 13th October 1702

Property: Two freehold messuages in the Castle Foregate Shrewsbury, one messuage in Brompton.

Bequests: Property to be sold for the equal benefit of his three children, Richard, Edward, Anne.

Executors: Father in Law Robert Owen, and brother Benjamin Muckleston


Genealogical Information

Edward Muckleston[Ref 0157]

Occupation:Tanner and Gent.

Baptised:21st February 1669St Chads Shrewsbury Salop

Married:Grace Owen

2nd July 1696 Great Ness Salop

Buried:23rd January 1702/3 St Mary Shrewsbury Salop

Parents:Richard, Tanner [Ref 0106] and Martha

Children:Richard, Edward, Anne.


Occupation: 1702, Tanner in Castle Foregate

Notes for GRACE OWENS:

After Edward's death Grace married (in 1704) Evan Morgan, an Exciseman. (2158)


i.RICHARD13 MUCKLESTON, b. 01 Mar 1696/97, Shrewsbury Shropshire; d. Abt. 1762, ShrewsburyShropshire; m. SARAH COWKLEY, 28 Aug 1740, St Alkmund Shrewsbury; d. Abt. 1782, Shrewsbury Shropshire.


A Mercer

He was buried in ST Alkmunds from the Green Fields

Shropshire Monumental Inscriptions

Shrewsbury - St Alkmunds (inside the church) South Transept

- Mr Richard Mucklestone brother of Mr Edw. late of the greenfieldsdied 1782

- Sarah wife of Richard Mucklestone died 1782.

His wife was the widow of Richard Muckleston (0225)

He was bound apprentice on 28 March 1714 and admitted Burgess in 1721

From Apprentices Index

Book 43 Folio 104 1714 Richard son of Edward of Shrewsbury Salop Tanner deceased to Owen Blodwell of Shrewsbury Mercer £52

MSS Calander of Deeds and Charters Vol II No 1776

Indenture dated Nov 5th (11 Geo II) 1737 Between

1) Hugh Muckleston of Keel (Llangedwin Co Denb) Gent

2) Richard Muckleston of Shrewsbury Mercer

Lease for a year of a messuage in Cross Street Oswestry