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Muckleston Family History Group

researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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54.             ii.    MARY MUCKLESTON, b. 19 Oct 1662, Bap St Chads Shrewsbury Shropshire; d. 1703.

55.            iii.    RICHARD MUCKLESTON, b. 29 Sep 1664, (Bap) St Chad Shrewsbury Shropshire; d. 24 Jun 1695, (Bur) St Chad Shrewsbury Shropshire.

                 iv.    EDWARD MUCKLESTON, b. 08 Nov 1666, (bap) St. Chad's, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.; d. 20 Jun 1667, St Chad's, Shrewsbury, (buried) an infant..

                  v.    SAMUEL MUCKLESTON, b. 13 Dec 1667, Bap St Chad Shrewsbury Shropshire; d. 04 Dec 1669, Bur St Chad Shrewsbury Shropshire.

56.            vi.    EDWARD MUCKLESTON, b. 21 Feb 1668/69, (bap) St Chad's, Shrewsbury; d. 23 Jan 1702/03, St. Mary's, Shrewsbury, (buried).

                vii.    REBECCA MUCKLESTON, b. 07 Mar 1669/70, Bap St Chad Shrewsbury Shropshire; d. 23 Apr 1671, Bur St Chad Shrewsbury Shropshire.



Twin with Sarah.


               viii.    SARAH MUCKLESTON, b. 07 Mar 1669/70, Bap St Chad Shrewsbury Shropshire; d. Bef. 1696.



Twin with rebecca


There is a death under St Chads register for a Sara Muckleston buried 4 July 1670 daughter of Richard Tanner!


57.            ix.    JOSEPH MUCKLESTON, b. 24 Feb 1671/72, (Bap) St Chads Shrewsbury; d. 28 Jun 1730, (buried) St Chads Shrewsbury.

                  x.    BENJAMIN MUCKLESTON, b. 21 Dec 1673, (bap) St. Chad's, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.; d. 28 Oct 1704, St. Chad's, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.



Occupation - Draper and Gentleman.


Benefactor to St. Chad's parish. In his will he left £40 to the parish.


Apprentice to Robert Hayward, Draper.


Shropshire Monumental Inscriptions:


St. Chad's. ? inside the church  "Muckleston, Benjamin, Gentleman, Died 1704, aged 81."

(Should this read 31?).





Burial: 01 Nov 1704, St Chads Shrewsbury

Occupation: 1704, Draper and Gent


                 xi.    TIMOTHY MUCKLESTON, b. 29 Feb 1675/76, Bap St Chad Shrewsbury; d. 05 Mar 1675/76, Bur St Chad Shrewsbury.

                xii.    JANE MUCKLESTON, b. 15 Jul 1677, (bap) St. Chad's, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.; d. 03 Dec 1677, St. Chad's, Shrewsbury, (buried)..

               xiii.    DANIEL MUCKLESTON, b. 17 Aug 1678, (bap) St. Chad's, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.; d. 28 Oct 1678, St Chad's, Shrewsbury. (buried).



39.  ROWLAND11 MUCKLESTON (EDWARD10, JOHN9, EDWARD8, HUGH7, THOMAS6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, ROGER2DE MUCCLESTON, HOESKYN1) was born 18 Nov 1632 in Bap Preston Gubbals Shropshire, and died 21 Mar 1704/05 in Bur Preston Gubbals Shropshire.  He married (1) MARGARET BOWDLER 13 Apr 1661 in Preston Gubbals Shropshire, daughter of ANDREW BOWDLER.  She died 19 Sep 1666 in Preston Gubbals (buried).  He married (2) JANE HESKETH Bet. 1666 - 1675, daughter of CUTHBERT HESKETH.  She died 1675.  He married (3) MARY MADDOX Bef. 1670.  She died Aft. 1700.



A Gent.


Successor to Merrington in 1663.


In Myddle under Tudors and Stuarts - page 214


Women normally controlled the household but when men interfered in the running of the house, housekeeping suffered.

"Rowland Muckleston of Aldertons first wife was a quiet low spirited woman and suffered her husband to concern himself with all things bothwithin doors and without so their housekeeping was not commendable, his second wife altered all that, she was a very handsome gentlewoman and of a masculine spirit, and would not duffer him to intermeddle with her concerns within doors, and she endeavoured to keep a good house, but this caused them to keep an unquiet house, and many contests happened between them which ended not without blows.


MSS Calendar of Deeds and Charters Volume III 2952

Indenture dated Feb 15th (20 Chas II) 1667 between

1) Rowland Muckleston of Meriton Gent and

2) Richard Muckleston of Shrewsbury Gent

Bargain and sale of a close called Errow Penvelan in Llanvorda.


From Shropshire R&R

Title Deeds relating to an estate at Walford No. 7

File - Common Recovery - ref 103/1/2/2 - date 24 May 1669

From Scope and Contents 1. Rowland (Rolandud) Muckleston.


From Shropshire R&R - Ancient Title Deeds.

ref 103/1/5/313-316

Mortgage and Settlement relating to property in Leaton and Cockshutt.



Hearth Tax Rolls 1672 paid 10/- for five hearths.


He had the 5th pew on the north side of the south aisle of the parish church in Myddle


In 1700 he had recently purchased a messuage in Alderton from Thomas Downton.


In Antiquities and Memoirs of Myddle (1700)

Rowland Muckleston (who purchased this tenement in Alderton) had for his first wife the daughter of one Andrew Bouldler, of Meriton, who gave with his daughter a lease of a tenement in Meriton which he held under Sir Richard Lea, and what money he gave I cannot tell, but it was so much, that afterwards he was able to do litle for the rest of his children. She was a quiet low spirited woman, and suffered her husband to concern himself with all things both within doors and without, so that their housekeeping was not commendable. She died and left behind her one son called Edward and two daughters. Afterwards he married (a second wife), the daughter of Mr Cuthbert Hesketh of Kenwicke, commonly called Darter Hesketh; it was a hasty match and a small portion, but she was a very handsome gentlewoman and of a masculine spirit, and would not suffer him to intermeddle with her concerns within doors, and she endeavoured to keep a good house, but this caused them to keep an unquiet house, and many contests happened between them which ended not without blows. I think she never boasted of the victory for she had lost an eye in the battle. After that she had lived some years with him she died and left no child behind her. His third wife was widow to one Maddox of Astley (her son likewise married the eldest daughter of Rowland Muckleston). This wife is still living but I think she will not contest with her husband, for if she lose an eye she looseth all. They are both living but live not together, for he lives with his son at Meriton, and she with her son at Astley.


In Burkes Commoners


Rowland Muckleston Esq, espoused Margaret, daughter of Andrew Bowdler, gent and had two daughters Mary and Margaret, and a son and successor Edward Muckleston.


Shropshire Hearth Tax Rolls 1672

Shrewsbury and Liberties

Rowland Muxton - Merrington - 5 Hearths - 10/-



Occupation: Gent of Merrington and Alderton



Commonly known as Darter Hesketh.


Lost an eye in a row with her husband


Notes for MARY MADDOX:

Need to check if these two children are of this marriage.


Widow of Maddox of Astley



                   i.    MARY12 MUCKLESTON, b. 09 Oct 1662, Bap Preston Gubbals Shropshire; m. EDWARD MADDOX, 04 Feb 1682/83.



His mother was his wifes fathers second wife


58.             ii.    MARGARET MUCKLESTON, b. 31 Dec 1663, Bap Preston Gubbals.

59.            iii.    EDWARD MUCKLESTON, b. 04 Jul 1664, (bap) Preston Gubbals Shropshire; d. 25 Mar 1715, St Martin, Preston Gubbals, Shropshire.

                 iv.    ANN MUCKLESTON, b. 19 Sep 1666, (bap)  Preston Gubbals, Shropshire.; d. 04 Jan 1683/84, Preston Gubbals, Shropshire..



Baptised on the day her mother (Margaret) was buried.


Cross-check date of death against another Ann Muckleston who died in 1704/5.




                  v.    JANE12 MUCKLESTON, b. 14 Jan 1670/71, (bap) Preston Gubbals, Shropshire..

                 vi.    ROWLAND MUCKLESTON, b. 08 Jun 1674, Bap Preston Gubbals Shropshire; d. 12 Jun 1674, Bur Preston Gubbals Shropshire.