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researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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36.  MARYE11 MUCKLESTON (EDWARD10, JOHN9, EDWARD8, HUGH7, THOMAS6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, ROGER2DE MUCCLESTON, HOESKYN1) was born 07 Nov 1627 in Bap Preston Gubbals Shropshire.  She married FRANCIS LLOYD 13 Oct 1638 in St Alkmunds Shrewsbury, son of RANDLE LLOYD and MATILDA LLOYD. 



Esq of Croesmere


In Antiquities and Memoirs of Myddle


Mary was married to francis lloyd of Cockshutt a gentleman of ancient family but very low in the world at the time of his marriage: for his fathers debts and mortgages of his lands were so great that his son did not know whether it was best to enter on his fathers estate or take his wifes portion and let the creditors take the lands and estate. However, by his labour and inductry and by his parsimoniouse living retrieved all and afterward became very rich in lands there was no servant in the town that went more mean in habit, that fared hardier in diet, or that worked harder at any slavish labour than he did.



50.              i.    EDWARD12 LLOYD, d. 1693.



37.  MARTHA11 MUCKLESTON (EDWARD10, JOHN9, EDWARD8, HUGH7, THOMAS6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, ROGER2DE MUCCLESTON, HOESKYN1) was born 08 Apr 1628 in Bap Preston Gubbals, and died 20 May 1702 in Bur St Chads Shrewsbury.  She married JOHN HARWOOD 27 May 1657 in St Alkmund Shrewsbury, son of JOHN HARWOOD and ANN ALLEN.  He was born 1623, and died 1682.



From Antiquities and Memoirs of Myddle 1700


This Martha was married to John Harwood, a grocer in Shrewsbury, he was an excellent treadesman and died very rich in lands and goods she is yet living.


Burial registers record her as a gentlewoman


need to check her date of death. Will date proved is 30 apr 1696.


Will and probate of Martha Harwood of Shrewsbury widow. Bequests include : to my brother Rowland Muckleston a mourning ring; to my brother Richard Muckleston a mourning ring; daughters Mary and Abigail Harwood spinsters to be executrixes dated 27th Sep 1692. Probate granted 30 Apr 1696.



Grocer and Draper of Shrewsbury


Known to be an alderman of Shrewsbury in 1670


In Burkes Commoners


Martha Muckleston married to John Harwood Esq of Tern and had issue

1) John Harwood LLB

2) Thomas Harwood of Tern Hall who married Margaret sister of the Right Honourable Richard Hill and was grandfather of Noel Hill the first Lord Berwick

3) Edward Harwood married and left issue

4) Martha Harwood married to Simon Hamner

5) Abigail Harwood married to John Congrieve esq of Congrieve

6) Anne Harwood married to George Curties Esq


In Burkes History of the Commoners Vol 3 1838 Page 411


Harwood of Hagbourne and Streatley

John Harwood of Hagbourne and of London and afterwards of Crickheath Salop born in 1623 and died in 1682 and buried at Hagbourne. He married Martha (not Anne) daughter of Edward Muckleston of Pen y Lan Esq recorder of Oswestry by Mary daughter and sole heiress of Thomas Corbett Esq of Merrington and has issue

1) John LLD FRS and FSA of Doctors Commons, Commissary of St Pauls and official of St Marys Salop and of Hagbourne and Crickheath county of Salop entered at Christ Church Oxford 1679 married Anne daughter of Samuel Bulteel Esq of the county of Devon and had issue - Samuel and James.



Occupation: Grocer and Draper of Shrewsbury



51.              i.    JOHN12 HARWOOD.

52.             ii.    THOMAS HARWOOD.

53.            iii.    EDWARD HARWOOD.

                 iv.    MARY HAREWOOD.



died unmarried



                  v.    ANNE HAREWOOD, m. GEORGE CURTIS.



They had children



Esq eldest son


                 vi.    MARTHA HAREWOOD, m. SIMON HAMNER.



of Kenwick Staffordshire, they had a daughter.


                vii.    ABIGAIL HAREWOOD, m. JOHN CONGRIEVE.



Esq of John Congreve and Stretton Staffordshire and first cousin to the poet Congreve. They had children



38.  RICHARD11 MUCKLESTON (EDWARD10, JOHN9, EDWARD8, HUGH7, THOMAS6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, ROGER2DE MUCCLESTON, HOESKYN1) was born 05 Dec 1630 in Bap Preston Gubbals Shropshire, and died 23 Mar 1695/96 in Bur St Chads Shrewsbury.  He married MARTHA HIGGINSON.  She died May 1680 in Shrewsbury   Shropshire.



Tanner and Mayor in 1688.


Left Pen y Lan estate in his brother Johns Will


Burgess 18 sept 1660     Mayor 1688


The Shrewsbury Burgess Rolls - H E Forrest FLS (1924)


Richard of Shrewsbury, Tanner, son of Edward of Merrington, Gentleman, deceased. 1660. Mayor 1688 ejected. Roll Number B135


Gough in his History of Myddle 1875 Edition p 128 says

"Richard Muckleston who was a person of bold and daring spirit. He would not brooke an injury offered him. He commenced a suite against the town of Shrewsbury for exacting an imposition on him which they call tenorship, and did endeavour to make void their charter, but they gave him his Burgesship to keep quiet. he was accounted a just man in all his dealings".


From Shropshire R&R : Lloyd of Leaton Knolls - Title deeds to an estate at Tushingham in the county of Chester - Marriage settlement (Lease and Release) - ref 103/1/9/5-6......(From Scope and Content)

2. Richard Muckleston of Shrewsbury, tanner; John Joyce of Cockshutt, gent: Thomas Heath of Hanley Park,co. Chester, Thomas Bulkeley, same co., gent.


- ref 103/1/5/328-329 date 15 June 1674

Final Concorde - Owen Barton, Edward Kynaston, RICHARD MUCKLESTON Robert Hayward (his brother in law) Gents.


From Shropshire R&R - Venables Collection - Oswestry Town Properties - Rod Meadow.

File - Hugh Noden citizen and merchant taylor of London TO Richard Muckleston tanner and Martha Jones of Shrewsbury, widow of Jacob Jones, late of Oswestry Gent. deceased (2nd son of John Jones late of Oswestry mercer deceased) and Symon Hanmer of Shrewsbury gent - ref 484/39 - date 22 July 1691

- Norden paid £1034.19.9 to redeeem Rodmeadow etc. mortgaged to John Blodwell to secure £700 and costs of a chancery suit, which he has now after the death of Jacob Jones revived against Richard Muckleston and Martha Jones (who claim some interest in the property) and against John Jones son of the testator John Jones in order to receive the remainder of his debt. Consideration £280 paid by Muckleston.

- Assignment to Symon Hamner of all money now owing to Norden from John Jones at the time of his decease not already satisfied, to protect the property from claims of the heir at law and in trust for Muckleston. Appointment of Hanmer as attorney to prosecute Nordens suit in Chancery.

- Muckleston and Martha Jones quitclaim all rights to the property.

- Signatures of Muckleston, Martha Jones and Hamner.

File - Note about Rodmeadow and the will of 11 August 1677 by which Jones left all his lands purchased of Blodwell to his wife Lucy and his son Isaack who died without issue - ref 484/67 no date.

- Lucy left as excutors her son and daughter who refused to act and administration was granted to Hugh Noden as principal creditor Jacob made no will but his widow Martha and Richard Muckleston her father took out administration.


From Shropshire R &R - papers relating to the Hamner family of Pentrepant.

File - Hugh Noden citizen and merchant taylor of London, is bound to John Higgins of Hyllettis labourer in £100 - ref 894/162 date 1September 1690

- Higgins has attorned tenant and agreed to pay his rent to Noden for a messuage and tenement in Porkington in the parish of Syllatin reputed to belong to Jacob Jones in his lifetime. Defeazance while Noden saves the tenant from damages through Richard Muckleston, Marthe Jones or any other person by reason of his attornment. Signature of Hugh Noden.


MSS Calendar of Deeds and Charters Vol II No 1319


Articles of agreement dated May 16 33 Chas II between

1) Joyce Taylor of Shrewsbury Widow and John Hollings of do. Dr of Physic and

2) Richard Muckleston of do. Tanner

relates to the purchase of Muckleston of certain oak trees and saplings growing upon six acres of woodland part of Bickley wood in Bicton - "reserving the rootes or stoles and such of the hopefulest younge, oaken jolantes, standles, saplings or waggers" on each acre as law reserves.


IN Antiquities and Memoirs of Myddle 1700


Richard Muckleston was a Tanner in Shrewsbury he was a provident man, a careful tradesman, and purchased a great estate in lands.


Shropshire Hearth tax Rolls 1672 (This Richard?)

Shrewsbury - Welsh Ward within the walls - 4 hearths - 8/-








Source: Public Record Office. Prob 11/431.


In the name of God Amen. I Richard Muckleston Gent and one of the Aldermen of the town of Shrewsbury in the county of Salop being in perfect health and of sound mind and memory considering the frailty of man and the uncertain time of death do hereby make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following hereby annulling and revoking all former Wills heretofore by me made committing my soul into the hands of almighty God being persuaded by his holy spirit through the death and passion of Jesus Christ to obtain full pardon and omission of all my sins and to inherit life everlasting and my body to the earth to be decently interred at the discretion of my executrix and executor hereafter named. And as for my real and personal estate as it has pleased God to bless me with all over and above what Messuages Lands and hereditments I have heretofore settled on my dear and late departed oldest son Richard Muckleston upon his marriage and upon his heirs as by the deed of settlement may approve I give devise and bequeath in manner and form following. I give devise and bequeath to my oldest daughter Martha Powell of Oswestry All that my Messuages and Tenements called [?Te]kough with all lands and privileges thereunto belonging within the parish of Selattin now in the possession of John Jones And all that dwelling house in Oswestry wherein one David Lloyd dwells and inhabits together with our Malthouse and Garden near thereunto adjoining and one piece of ground and our Barn in Oswestry aforesaid with their and every of their appurtenances to hold to my said daughter Martha for and during the terms of her natural life she committing no wilful waste desiring the said buildings might be by her kept in good and tenantable repair And my will is that she shall enter into and upon the aforesaid premises upon the feast day of the Amunration of the blessed Virgin Mary which shall first happen next after my decease and from and after the decease of my said daughter Martha I give devise and bequeath the aforesaid Messuages, Malthouse, buildings Lands and premises with their and every of their appurtenances to my son Edward Muckleston and to the heirs of his body lawfully issuing. And for default of such issue I give devise and bequeath the premises aforesaid with their and every of their appurtenances to my son Benjamin Muckleston and to the heirs of his body lawfully issuing and for default of such issue I give devise and bequeath the Messuages Lands and Premises aforesaid with their and every of their appurtenances to my son Joseph Muckleston and to the heirs of his body lawfully issuing. And for default of such issue I give devise and bequeath the Messuages Lands and Premises aforesaid with their and every of their appurtenances to my daughter Mary Muckleston from and to the heirs of her body lawfully issuing. And for default of such issue I give devise and bequeath the same to the use and benefit of my eight heirs forever. Item. I give and devise unto my son Edward Muckleston all that my Messuages or Tenements in Brompton in the parish of Chustork in the County

of Salop which I hold by lease wherein one Thomas Pryer doth now dwell and inhabit together with all buildings lands and privileges thereunto belonging to hold to him the said Edward and his assigns for and during all the terms and time I have therein. And my will is and I do hereby give unto my said son Edward Muckleston all my stock of leather and hides in the Tan House and all other my stock thereof what nature or kind forever together with all timber and boards within the Tan House or yards thereunto belonging to be to his own proper use and benefit to be as a further addition to his portion. Item. I give devise and bequeath unto my son Joseph Muckleston and to his heirs all those my several Messuages Cottages Lands Tenements and Hereditum with their and every of their appurtenances situate lying and being in Merrington ats Meriton and Preston Gubballs within the liberty of the Town of Shrewsbury to hold to him the said Joseph Muckleston and to his heirs forever nevertheless under this proviso and agreement and my will and meaning is that my said son Joseph or his heirs shall justly and honestly pay to my said son Benjamin one hundred pounds of good moneys and likewise pay to my daughter Mary two hundred pounds of good moneys within two years after my decease and my will is that in case the said Joseph or his heirs shall neglect the payment of the said sums the said Benjamin or Mary or their assigns shall and may enter into and upon all and every the last mentioned and devises premises and the profits thereof to receive till the same be fully satisfied and paid with their lawful interest and expenses. Item. I give to my son Benjamin Muckleston and his heirs all my messuages or Tenement with its appurtenances in the High Street in Shrewsbury to hold to him and his heirs forever and I do hereby give and dispose to my said son Benjamin all my stock of boards and timber of what nature or kind soever in my Timber Yard in Coleham and at Coton Hill and at the Clive wood together with all my stock of corn, grain, hay, pulse, oxen, horses, cows, sheep, swine, implements of husbandry and all my household goods and other my goods of what nature or kind soever which I have at a farm called The Hayes within the parish of Alberbury within the said county of Salop. Item. I give to my daughter Mary Muckleston the further sum of six  hundred pounds of good moneys as a further part of her portion to be paid her out of the remainder of my personal effects hereafter mentioned and not before devised. Item. I give to my said daughter Mary all my plate jewels rings household stuff beddings linens woolens brass pewter and all other my goods of what nature or kind soever to be to her own proper use and benefit whatsoever in my dwelling house. Item. Whereas I stand possessed of a considerable personal estate not before given or devised consisting in ready moneys mortgages bills bonds **** debts, book debts, and other demands my will and meaning is and I do hereby direct and appoint that the six hundred pounds left to my said daughter Mary shall be taken and received by her out of my said personal estate left before mentioned and likewise my will is that all the debts that I shall justly owe at the time of my decease and for my funeral expenses and the legacies hereafter mentioned shall be there out taken deducted and paid. And from and after the said six hundred pounds debts legacies and funeral expenses shall be so justly satisfied and paid which I devise might be done with what convenient speed may be then my will is that the remainder and over plus of my said last mentioned personal estate shall be equally divided amongst my four children Mary, Edward, Joseph and Benjamin as near hand as may be. Item. I give to my daughter in law Lelita Muckleston forty shillings to buy her a ring and to my Grandson John Muckleston five pounds to buy his mourning. And lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my said daughter Mary Muckleston and Richard Higgins of Shrewsbury Town to be executrix and executor of this my last Will and Testament desiring the said Richard Higgins to be an assistant to my said daughter Mary of the execution of the provisos and for his pains and time I give him ten pounds to be paid him out of my last mentioned personal estate In witness whereof I have to this my last Will and Testament containing two sheets of paper set my hand and seal this thirteenth day of December in the year of our lord One thousand six hundred ninety five Richard Muckleston. Signed sealed and published and declared by me Richard Muckleston as my last Will and Testament in presence of [?Anchoratte] Atkis, Willm Morgan Akis.




Will Summary


Date:     Written 13th December 1695


Property: Messuages and Tenements in Selattin and in Brompton.

          estate at Merrington, Premises in the High Street Shrewsbury. Timber yards at Coleman and Coton Hill and           Clive Wood. A farm at Hayes.


Bequests: All children share property plus:

          Edward - stock including Leather Hides and the Tan House.

          Joseph - Lands at Merrington and Preston Gubbals

          Benjamin - £100 plus High Street properties, timber yards and farm.

          Mary - a total of £800 plus Household Items

          Daughter in law Lelita 40 shillings

          Grandson John £5

          Richard Higgins £10


Executors: Daughter Mary and Richard Higgins




Genealogical Information


Richard Muckleston            [Ref 0106]


Occupation:    Tanner and Mayor in 1688


Baptised:      5th December 1630 Preston Gubbals

Married:       Martha Higginson [date unknown] she died 1680

Buried:        23rd March 1696 St Chads Shrewsbury.

Parents:       Edward Muckleston and Mary.

Children:      Martha, Mary, Richard*, Edward*, Samuel*, Edward, Rebecca*, Sarah, Joseph, Benjamin, Timothy*, Jane*, Daniel*. [* known to have died before their               father]



Burgess: 18 Sep 1660, Shrewsbury

Occupation: Tanner



Wife of Mr Richard



Burial: 30 May 1680, St Chad Shrewsbury



                   i.    MARTHA12 MUCKLESTON, b. 10 Dec 1660, Bap St Chads Shrewsbury Shropshire; m. (1) JACOB JONES; d. Abt. 1691; m. (2) MORGAN POWELL.



Of Oswestry married to some one called Powell at the time of her fathers death in 1696.


Notes for JACOB JONES:

(2nd son)



Occupation: Gent of Oswestry