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Muckleston Family History Group

researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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Descendants of John Muckleston

Generation No. 1

1.JOHN1 MUCKLESTON died 29 Sep 1762 in St Andrew, Holborn, London (bur).


I have assumed this to be the name of Johns father as John, Ann and children were living at Grays Inn Lane and shortly after this gentleman dies they move to Tash Street Holborn where this John had died!



Generation No. 2

2.JOHN2 MUCKLESTON (JOHN1)He married ANN/[--?--]/.


Could this be the same John and Ann who had a daughter in Congerstone Leicestershire?

Could Rowland born 1763/4 also be one of their children?

Is this the John and Ann who died in Harlington in 1814 and 1815 - if so they were born circa 1728 and 1730 respectively.

or John who died in Aveley Essexon 5 dec 1779?

Children of JOHN MUCKLESTON and ANN/[--?--]/ are:

i.ANN3 MUCKLESTONE, b. 29 Dec 1759, (bap)St. Andrew's, Holborn, London..


Could this be the Ann who married John Pierce in 1791 in Ealing?

Her nephew In Ealing also, in 1835

(On 1st May 1791at St Mary Ealing Ann Mucklestone married John Pierce and their witnesses were Richard Pierce and William Atlee. 43 years later in the same church John Mucklestone married Elizabeth Ann Elizabeth Brice their witnesses were Susannah Mucklestone and Charles Atlee. Is this an aunt and nephew who have close connections to the Atlee family?)

ii.SARAH MUCKLESTONE, b. 04 Feb 1763, Bap St Andrew, Holborn, London.

iii.JOHN MUCKLESTON, b. 28 May 1765, St Andrew Holborn London (baptised).

iv.JANE MUCKLESTON, b. 12 Apr 1767, (bap) St. Andrew's, Holborn, london..


was she the one who married William Daniel in 1790?

3.v.JONATHON WILLIAM MUCKLESTON, b. 13 Nov 1768, StAndrew Holborn London (baptised); d. Apr 1818, Tash Street, London.

vi.ESTHER MUCKLESTON, b. 28 Jan 1772, (bap) St. Andrew's, Holborn, London..

vii.THOMAS MUCKLESTONE, b. 20 Mar 1772, St Andrew, Holborn, London.


Poss burial Chiswick 1799.

Generation No. 3

3.JONATHON WILLIAM3 MUCKLESTON (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 13 Nov 1768 in StAndrew Holborn London (baptised), and died Apr 1818 in Tash Street, London.He married JANE/[--?--]/.


Locksmith of Hatfield Street Islington in 1813

died between 5th Feb 1818 and 16 April 1818.

According to his will his eldest son was Joseph?




Source: Public Record Office.Prob 11/1603.

I Jonathan William Muckleston of No. 36 Tash Street, Grays Inn Lane in the Parish of St Andrews Holborn in the County of Middlesex Locksmith being of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding I hereby will and direct that all my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses be paid then I give and bequeath unto my oldest son Joseph Muckleston now residing with me the Stock and trade as is now carried on by me with the tools employed therein, book debts, money, sum and sums of money due to me and all other property of every nature and description and whatsoever which I may be possessed of or entitled to at the time of my decease to and for his own use and benefit subject nevertheless upon the express condition that for and during the natural life of my dearly beloved wife Jane Muckleston or as long as she shall continue in my family as my said son Joseph Muckleston shall support and maintain her out of the profits of my trade or business aforesaid and upon this further express condition that he my said son Joseph Muckleston shall and will teach and instruct in a reasonable and proper manner my two sons Charles Muckleston and William Muckleston until they shall attain the age of fourteen years and be fit and proper to be apprenticed to some trade or business and then if either or both of them shall be desirous to be apprenticed to the trade or business which I now carry on my will is that my said son Joseph Muckleston shall and will take him or them so desirous to be apprenticed as aforesaid for and during the full term of seven years and I hereby nominate and appoint my said son Joseph Muckleston my friend John Atkins of 27.74 Long Acre in the County of Middlesex aforesaid Gold Beater Executors of this my will thereby revoking annulling and making void all other wills by me heretofore made. In witness whereof I the said Jonathan William Muckleston have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifth day of February One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighteen. Jonathan William Muckleston Signed sealed and executed by the said Testator in the presence of us who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses hereto. John Oatley Joseph Jayner.

Proved at London 16th April 1818 before the worshipful Samuel Pearce by the oath of Joseph Muckleston the son and one of the executors to whom admon was granted having been first sworn duly to **** power to John Atkins the other Executor.


Will Summary

Date:Written 5th February 1818 Proved 16th April 1818

Property: None mentioned

Bequests: Oldest son Joseph stock and trade [business].

Wife Jane to be supported from the business.

Joseph to raise and apprentice his two brothers Charles and William.

Executors: Son Joseph Muckleston and John Atkins


Genealogical Information

Jonathan William Muckleston[Ref 0708]


Baptised:13th November 1768 St Andrews Holborn

Married:Jane [before 1790]

Died:between 5th Feb 1818 and 16th April 1818

Parents:John Muckleston and Anne

Children:Joseph, Charles and William [possibly others]


Burial: 05 Apr 1818, St Andrew, Holborn, London

Occupation: Locksmith

Notes for JANE/[--?--]/:

did she remarry in 1824 to Thomas Parker?

Interestingly Banns were read for the marriage of Jane Muckleston and Thomas Parker on 7th, 14th, and 21st January 1821 they were both widows. However, it was more than 3 years later on 4th April 1824 that the marriage took place at St Lukes Church, Old Street, Islington, London. The witnesses were Thomas Roberts and John Goodey.

Children of JONATHON MUCKLESTON and JANE/[--?--]/ are:

i.MARY ANN4 MUCKLESTON, b. 04 Jan 1790, Bap St Luke Old Street, Finsbury London.

4.ii.JOSEPH MUCKLESTON, b. Abt. 1794; d. 25 Jun 1826, Bur Spa Fields City of London.

5.iii.JONATHON WILLIAM MUCKLESTON, b. 24 May 1795, St Luke Old Street Finsbury London (baptised); d. Bef. 1850.

iv.HANNAH MUCKLESTON, b. 30 Jul 1797, (bap) St. Luke's, Old Street, Finsbury, London; m. JAMES LOCKSMORE, 28 Aug 1824, Old Church, St. Pancras, London..


he was a widower

v.JOHN MUCKLESTON, b. 15 Sep 1799, St Luke Old Street Finsbury London (baptised); d. 04 Jun 1807, Chiswick London.

vi.SARAH ELIZABETH MUCKLESTON, b. 23 May 1802, Bap St Luke Old Street, Finsbury, London.

vii.GEORGE MUCKLESTON, b. 27 May 1804, (bap) St. Luke's, Old Street, Finsbury, London; d. 24 Feb 1805, Bur Spa Fields City of London.

6.viii.CHARLES MUCKELSTON, b. 02 Mar 1806, (bap) St. Luke's, Old Street, Finsbury, London.; d. May 1839, Broxbourne Hertfordshire.

ix.WILLIAM MUCKLESTON, b. 08 Jan 1809, St Luke Old Street Finsbury London; d. 1867, Pancras London [aged 57].


Was this the gentleman refered to in the Post Office Directory entry of 1864

Muckleston, William, Newsagent, 4 Weston Street, Somerstown NW?

x.JOHN MUCKLESTON, b. 24 Feb 1813, St Luke Old Street Finsbury London (baptised); m. MARY ANN ELIZABETH BRICE, 11 Dec 1835, St Mary, Ealing, Middx.


Need to check marriage is correctly allocated - event took place but is this the correct John Muckleston

A sussanah muckleston was a witness to this wedding so need to check if there is another family to whom this marriage belongs

If the wedding is correct the following information is appropriate

Bachelor and spinster. Married by Banns.

Witnesses Sussanah Mucklestone and Charles Atlee

On 1st May 1791at St Mary Ealing Ann Mucklestone married John Pierce and their witnesses were Richard Pierce and William Atlee. 43 years later in the same church John Mucklestone married Elizabeth Ann Elizabeth Brice their witnesses were Susannah Mucklestone and Charles Atlee. Is this an aunt and nephew who have close connections to the Atlee family?

Think this is incorrectly allocated as there was a 5 year old John Muckleston buried at Spa Fields City of London on 1st Feb 1818.


Baptism: 02 May 1813, St Luke, Islington

xi.ELIZABETH ANN MUCKLESTON, m. EDWARD SAUNDERS, 25 Jun 1825, St Luke Old street Finsbury London.


need to confirm she is his daughter. (Chiswick connection)

In Pallots marriage index she is given as of Chiswick - a spinster. They were married by licence and the witness was John Muckleston. She may be the daughter of Jonathon William Muckleston!