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researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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Who is Doris M Muckleston?
A mystery has been thrown up by information found on the recently released 1939 register.
The entry read:
Byways Brook Street , Shrewsbury M.B., Shropshire, England
Doris M Muckleston (becomes Jacobson) Born: 13 June 1913, Occupation: Manageress Beverly Spirit, Single
Margaret E I Muckleston, Born: 18 Nov 1867, Occupation: Unpaid Domestic Duties, Widowed
George H Muckleston, Born: 22 June 1895, Occupation: Sorting Clerk and Telephonist, Single
Gertrude M Muckleston, Born: 17 April 1899, Occupation:  Manageress Cooperative General Post Office Confectionery Department, Single.
Margaret is the second wife and widow of John Muckleston a confectioner of Shrewsbury. George and Gertrude are two of the children of this marriage.
At first when I saw this entry I thought Doris was the daughter of John Vernon Muckleston, a step son of Margaret's through her husbands first wife.
Although John did indeed have a daughter called Doris May Muckleston she was born in 1903 and she had married Reginald Rowe in 1924 and they were married and indeed having children throughout the war years. We know this is John's daughter as his daughter Doris May Rowe was the person who carried out the administration of his estate when he died in 1957. 
I don't have any record of Doris M Muckleston born in 1913 nor of a marriage to someone called Jacobson during the war years - obviously connected to this branch of the family - exactly who was she?
If anyone has any ideas on how we can solve the mystery of Doris M we would love to hear from you.