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researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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Deeds and Charters


In Shrewsbury Record Office there are fourteen volumes entitled MSS Calendar of Deeds and Charters. These volumes contain a reference to various documents kept by the Shropshire Archives and some are very old. They mainly relate to legal matters such as land transactions and marriage agreements. The text in these volumes summarises what the deed is all about, although they are not completely transcribed. They show the legal side of life of some of our ancestors. A few examples follow:-


Vol II no 1319 (Purchase from James Coleman)


Articles of agreement dated May 16th 33 Chas II between 1) Joyce Taylor of Shrewsbury Widow and John Hollings of do. Doctor of Physic 2) Richard Muckleston of do. Tanner relates to the purchase by Muckleston of certain oak trees and saplings growing upon six acres of woodland part of Bickley Wood in Bickton – reserving the rootes or stoles and such of the hopefulest younge oaken jolantes, standles, saplings or waggerson each acre as law reserves.


It was the custom to indicate the year by the number of years the sovereign had been on the throne therefore this deed was written in the 33rd year of Charles the Seconds reign i.e. 1681. do. was a common way of indicating “of the same place” therefore in this document as Shrewsbury was the place mentioned, every do. which followed until another place was entered would refer to Shrewsbury. The Richard Muckleston mentioned in this deed was born in 1630 and died in 1696, he was left the Pen y Lan estate in Oswestry in his unmarried brothers will but Richard apparently chose to live and carry on business in Shrewsbury.


Vol II No 1771


Be yt knowe unto all men etc


John ap Richard of Oswestry son and heir of Richard barbour, skinner sells to Hugh Muckleston do. Mercer all the implements and household stuff remaining in the house of his mother Elizabeth verche Robert Widow (dec) that is to say etc.


(List of items follow)


Dated 21st Mar 8 Jas 1 [8th year of the reign of James the 1st – 1610]


We obviously had an early version of a house clearance expert in the family but all did not go well in family business as the Deed number 2948 will show


Vol II No 1776


Indenture dated Nov 5th Geo II 1737 between 1) Hugh Muckleston of Keel (Llangedwin Co Denbigh) Gent and 2) Richard Muckleston of Shrewsbury, Mercer. Lease for a year of a messuage in Oswestry (in Cross Street).


Vol III No 2189


Adam Lord of Muckleston witness to a deed between William and Margaret Eton Dunn to Hugh son of Hugh de la Hulle re a tenement. (No date).


Vol III No 2883


Indenture dated June 7th 1843 between 1) Thomas Carline of Shrewsbury, Sculpton; 2) John Hall, John Muckleston and William Burr all of ditto 3) Creditors, Conveyance of the equity of Redemption of and in Carlines Freehold and Leasehold property (not named) in trust to sell and pay debts (Long Deed).


Vol III No. 2929


“Noverint Iniverse etc” Bond of Thomas ap Robert Muckleston of Oswestry, Burgess and Alice viz Richard his wife to David ap John of ditto Yeoman in £20 relating to the sale of 2 acres in a field called Mays of Dwyfford in Llanvorda dated July 12th 20 Eliz 1578


Vol III No. 2934


“Sciant presents etc” Edward ap Thomas of Rulas County Denbigh Gent and Edward William Muckleston of Oswestry, Burgess give etc to John ap Edward of Dulas Gent and Richard ap Rondle alias Muckleston of Sweeney Yeoman, all his messuages, lands etc in Lalnvorda, which they had of Jo: ap Edward ap Hugh alias Muckleston of Llanvorda Gent. To have etc. Dated Feb 2nd 33 Eliz [1590]


ap means son of. This is obviously on inheritance issue. Little is known about these branches of the family and the deeds help to give a clearer picture – for example this is the first indication that Edward was a Burgess in Oswestry. Edward and Richard are distant cousins. Jo is often used as a shortened form of John or Joseph, prior to finding this deed we were not aware of this Jo: son of Edward who was son of Hugh Muckleston. Jo: had obviously died and the deed is related to the distribution of his estate. 


Vol III No 2937


“To all Xrian (Christian) people etc” Reciting assignment by Thurstan ap Thomas of Oswestry (31 Eliz) to Roger Edwardes of Ditto, deceased, of a mortgage on a croft in the franchise of Oswestry by Thomas ap Robert alias Muckleston and Ales (Alice) his wife of which the interest devolved on Sara, late wife of Roger, now wife of Richard Griffiths, who (35 Eliz) assigned it to Hanmer – John Hanmer assigns the same to John ap Edward Muckleston. Dated 20th April 38 Eliz 1596.


Vol III No 2944


Indentures dated August 11th 12 Jas between 1) Edward Muckleston of Llanvorda Gent 2) Edward Mytton of Lyncolnes (Lincolns) Inne, Gent. Lease of various parcels of land in Llanvorda (described) for his life at a peppercorn rent.


Vol III No 2945


Indenture dated August 20th Jas between 1) Edward Muckleston of Meriden Gent and 2) Hugh Muckleston, his brother of Oswestry, Mercer Bargain and Sale of 3 closures in Llanvorda called Mass-y-Dwyfford, Kae Gooeswilyn, at 2 shillings annuity (Boundaries described and several owners mentioned).


Vol III No 2947


“Noverint Universe etc” Bond of Edward Muckleston of Meriden, Gent to Edward Hughes of Noughton Bucks Doctor in Sacred Theology in £200 to perform covenants. Dated October 11th 22 Jas 1624.


Vol III No 2948


Indenture dated Feb 2nd 6 Chas 1 [1630] between 1) Edward Muckleston of Meriden Gent and Hugh Muckleston of Oswestry Gent and Edward Davies of do. Whittaker. To save the latter harmless of and from Thomas Baker of Sweeney Gent touching an obligation in £200 for payment of £108 etc., - conveyance of a messuage and lands in Sweeney and Llanvorda with proviso.


You would assume from this limited piece of information that Hugh and his friend were in debt to Thomas Baker and that Edward came to the rescue by selling some property to Thomas Baker to help them out. Edward born circa 1575 was the older brother of Hugh whose date of birth is believed to be between 1576 and 1578. £200 in 1630 is the equivalent of around £18,000 in 2009.


Vol III No 2950


Indentures dated August 23rd 1655 between 1) Richard Lloyd of Lloynamayne Esq and Edward Lloyn his son and heir 2) John Muckleston of Meriden, Gent, Bargain and sale of a close of land called Errow Penvlan in Llanvorda.


Vol III No 2958


Indentures dated April 20th 33 Charles II 1681 between 1) John Muckleston of Keele (Denbigh) Gent, Elizabeth his wife and Edward Tomkies of Eyton and Mary his wife 2) Richard Muckleston of Shrewsbury, Gent, Thomas Atcherley of Marton, Gent and Thomas Calcott of Baschurch, Yeoman. Cobenant to lay a fine of and upon certain closes in Llanvorda (welsh names) and Eyton (near Baschurch) to the several uses of Muckleston, Atcherley and Calcott.


Vol III No 2960


Final Concord Easter 8 William III between 1) Samuel Breeze, William Heldis, John Muckleston and Reginald Williams, Plaintiffs 2) Robert Poole, Henry Podmore and Elizabeth his wife, and Joseph Tipton DEF Concerning 3 messuages, a back and 5 acres of land in Shrewsbury, Castle Foregate, Oswestry and Salop Liberties £100


Vol III No 2966


“Noverint Universi etc” Bond of Edward William Muckleston, of Oswestry, Burgess and John ap Edward ap Will. Muckleston his son and heir to John ap Edward ap Hugh alias Muckleston of Llanvorda Gent. In £20 to assure peaceable possession of a parcel of land in Llanvorda as by indenture etc Dated March 26th 31 Eliz 1589.


Vol III No 2968


“Noverint Universi etc” Augustus Jennyngs of Oswestry, Gent. His bond to Edward Muckleston of Llanvorda in £200 for peaceable possession of parcells of land in Llanvorda as by an indenture etc Dated January 12th 1609.


Vol III No 2969


“Noverint Universi etc” Bond of Edward Muckleston of Llanvorda, Gent, in £300 to Edward Mytton of Lincolns Inn, Gent, under the statute of Acton Bernell Dated Sept 17th 12 James I.


Vol III No 2970


“Omnibus X^ri Fidelibus etc” Augustinius Jennyngs of Oswestry, Gent, Margaret J, his mother, Thomas Jennyngs of Dudleston, Gent, release etc to Edward Muckleston of Llanvorda, Gent their purparty (property) of a close (Mays–y–Belan Haidd) in Llanvorda and little croft there (bonds described) dated March 8th 12 James I 1614.


Vol III No 3133


“Omnibus x^ri Fidelibus etc” Margaret vz Richard of Trevelach daughter and co heir of Richard ap Thomas late of ditto, Yeoman, For her marriage with David ap Thomas son and heir of Thomas ap Richard ap Morris of ditto, Yeoman, consign to John Muckleston of Llanvorda, Gent and Richard ap William of Sweeney, yeoman, her portion of a messuage etc in Trevellech, Trevonen and Trevyclawdd – to the use of herself etc Dated January 27th 4 James I 1606.


Vol III No 3134


Indenture dated Dec 10th 9 James I 1611 between 1) Sir Thomas Hanmer of Hanmer, Katherine his wife and John their son and heir, 2) Edward Muckleston of Llanvorda, Gent, bargain and sale of 2 Parcels of land (Welsh names) in Llanvorda (Long Deed)

Vol III No 3135


Indenture dated Jan 4th 3 Charles I between 1) Edward Muckleston of Meriden, Gent and 2) Hugh ap Thomas of Oswestry, weaver Bargain and Sale of a parcel of Land (Erw gwerch y Tervyn in Llanvorda)


Vol III No 3136


Final Concord, trinity Term, 33 Charles II between 1) Richard Muckleston, Thomas Atcher(ley) and Thomas Calcott PL 2) John Muckleston and Elizabeth his wife DEF concerning 30 acres of land, 20 of Meadow, 30 of pasture and 20 of Furze and Heath in Llanvorda and Eyton Juxta (next to) Baschurch £100.


Vol III No 3154


“Noverint Universi etc” Bond of Edward Muckleston of Meriden and John Muckleston of Sweeney, gents to Richard Muckleston of Oswestry, Clerk, Brother of Edward in £134 for the peaceable enjoyment of closes and land in Llanvorda (mortgaged) dated Nov 3rd 1620.


Vol III No 3213


Indentures dated July 12th 31 Charles II 1679 between 1) William Pott apothecary and citizen of London 2) Richard Muckleston of Shrewsbury, Gent reciting mortgage by John Muckleston of Keele (Denbigh) to Pott (23 Charles II) of burgages in Oswestry and lands in Llanvorda and Oswestry described – assignment of the same to Muckleston (long deed).


Vol IV No 4170


Indentures dated June 11th 4 Geo III 1764 between 1) John Edwards of Great Ness Esq and Rowland E, his son and heir; 2) Robert Edwards of do Gent reciting marriage settlement (1697) between John Edwards and Mary sister of Joseph Muckleston of Shrewsbury and the marriage settlement between Robert Edwards (father of the above Robert) and Mary daughter and heir of Thomas Corbett of Winnington (1703) – release to Robert of all right, title etc in premises in Great Ness and Nesscliff. With schedule of ttle deeds dating from 1589 to 1697 (In bad condition).


Vol V No 5392


“Sciant omnes tam presents quarn future” William Hole and Leucia his wife at the request and consent of William Banaster son and heir of Leucia give etc to Roger son of Peter in frank marriage with Alina daughter of Leucia 2 virgates in Haulston, to wit that virgate which the Lady Aveline held and that which Richard son of oliver held, to have etc Rent 4d. Witnesses Wido Chaplian, reines de la Lee, Stephen de Pimbleghe, Roger de Jagdune, Simon his son, William de ..ulidune, Alan de Mucklestone, Richard his brother, Wido de Hedenhale, Stephen Coqu (Cook), Reginald his brother, Richard de Aula (Hall). No date (very early) seals gone.


The virgate was a unit of land area measurement used in medievalEngland, typically outside the Danelaw, and was held to be the amount of land that a team of two oxen could plough in a single annual season. It was equivalent to a quarter of a hide, so was nominally thirty acres. A ‘virgater’ would thus be a peasant who occupied or worked this area of land, and a ‘half virgater’ would be a person who occupied or worked about 15 acres (61,000 m2).

I always thought that Reginald was a fairly recent christian name, clearly I was mistaken!



Vol V No 5558


Indenture dated Oct 15th 3 Geo II 1729. Between 1) John Tayleur of Shrewsbury Esq: 2) William Pickering of Grays Inn Gent: 3) John Muckleston of Shrewsbury Gent, deed to make Pickering a tenant in a recovery of the Manor of Isombridge and lands there and in Rodington, Sqden, Withington, Wrockwardine, Longdon and Allscott. Lease enclosed.


Vol V No 5715


Indenture dated Apr 25th 11 nGeo II 1738, between 1) William Tayleur of Rodington esq; 2) Dorothy Tayleur of Shrewsbury widow (his mother) and Joseph Muckleston of do. Mortgage of Rodington Hall.


Vol VI No 6206


“Richard Lord Protector of The Commonwealth etc” Letters of administration granted to Martha Harwood otherwise Muckleston, wife of John Harwood, daughter of Mary Muckleston of Meriden dec., to administer the estate of Mary Muckleston. Dated Mar 11th 1658. Signed by R Sankey and Ric Cornewall. Mark Cottle Registrar.


Vol VI No 7686


Court Baron of William Lord Craven held 24 June 1771 before John Muckleston, Steward, Presentments.


Vol VII No 7895


Manor of Stokesay, Court Baron of William Lord Craven held 30th Nov 1770 before Jo. Muckleston, Gent, Steward.


Stokesay Castle, located at Stokesay, a mile south of the town of Craven Arms, in southern Shropshire, is the oldest fortified manor house in England, dating to the 12th century. It is currently in the hands of English Heritage. It is a Grade I listed building. During King Charles I reign it came into the ownership of the Craven family and was used as a supply base for the King's forces in the area, based in strength at nearby Ludlow Castle in the early stages of the English Civil War.A skirmish took place at the castle during the English Civil War, in which Stokesay was handed over to the Parliamentarians after a short siege without a pitched battle (in which it surely would have been severely damaged).Stokesay was lived in as a farmhouse and barn until the early 19th century. In 1869 it was purchased by John Darby Allcroft, a Worcester glove manufacturer and Member of Parliament, who recognising the value of the building's history and architectural features set about restoring and maintaining it while he also had Stokesay Court built nearby.



The Condover Deeds (numbers 9010 to 9070) is a parchment roll (several yards long) containing transcripts of deeds relating to Oswestry, in irregular order apparently copied at random.


Vol VII No 9010 & (011)


Rog de Moccelston witness to a deed dated 3 Rich II


Vol VII No 9013


Wenllian relict of Jevan Moyn and Gwillian ap Jevan her son give etc to Roger Ireland and Cecilia his wife and their heirs a tenemt in Oswestry between the tenemt of Hona Tailleur and land of S John de Spitty, extending from the Kings way to the croft of Spitty, also a place of land in Oswestry in the street of Chirton to have etc.

Witnesses include Roger de Mockelton at Osw Tues before Nat of Jo Baptist 4 Richard II

Vol VII No 9043


“Sciant presentes etc” Roger son of Roger de Mucleston of Oswestry gives etc to Richard son of Roger Ireland of do all the lands which come or ought to come to him by inheritance according to the custom of the “patria” by the death of Rog de Mucleston his father. To have etc. (Witnesses named) At Osw Sun after F of SS Phil and Jas 21 Ric II.


Vol VII No 9044


“Noverint universi etc” The above Roger quit claims to the same Richard living in Bristol all his right etc in lands etc in Crickheyth, Llanvorda and swyney. Witness Tho Knapp, living in Bristol, David Vachan ap David ap Egn Ouy, Ric March, jo. March, Ric Brackyssh. At Bristol 11 Jan 1 Henry IV.


Vol VII No 9045


“Patiat universis etc” Thomas Mucleston of Oswestry quit claims to Richard Ireland of do all his right etc which Richard lately purchased of Rog de Mucleston his brother in Oswestry. Witnesses listed. At Oswestry Sunday after xmas 22 Richard II


Vol VII No 9046


Madoc Pech of Oswestry gives etc to Roger de Mokelstonn and Christian his wife 6 acres, 3 lying together in the fields of Llanvorda, the other in a field called Monkesfeld between land of the Abbot of Shrewsbury and a stream running towards Oswald. Witnesses listed. At Oswald [sic] Tues after F of the Ascension 38 Ed III (1364)


Vol VII No 9047


“Sciant etc” Richard Bond of Oswestry gives etc to of do an acre in Llanvorda between land of Tho. S of Peter and of Roger Vicarius extending from the Royal Way of Trevelegh to land of Rog Morgant to have etc. Witnesses listed At Oswestry, Mon before F of S Oswald 41 Ed III.


Vol VII No 9048


“Sciant presents etc” Roger son of Griffin Morgant of Osw gives etc to Roger de Mocleston of do a piece of land in Llanvorda to have etc. Witnesses listed. At Llanvorda Sun before F of S Margaret 43 Ed III.


Vol VII No 9050


“Sciant presents etc” John de Sutton gives etc to Roger de Moclestonn of Oswestry half an acre in Llanvorda between lands formerly of Rog Walhoppe and of Ric de Twiford extending from lands of Roger to land formerly of master Ric Heryng. To have etc. Witnesses listed. At Llanvorda Sun aft F of S Margaret 43 Ed III.


Vol VII No 9051


“Sciant presentees etc” John and Roger sons of Roger Wheilh give etc to Roger de Moculton of Os a parcel of arable land in Sweyney called Bellan Lewaun. To have etc. Witnesses listed. At Sweeney Fri bef F of S Barnabas 7 Ric II.


Vol VII No 9052


“Sciant presentees etc. Roger de Mocleston of Oswestry gives etc to Richard son of Will le Salter of do 2 acres one in Llanvorda etc extending from the Royal Way from Osw to Keulleth as far as a stream flowing from Weirglouth Stokean, the second lying in Trev’clwy between land of Ric and the Royal Way leading from osw to Tefonen – in exchange for 2 acres in Llanvorda etc (Roger vicar of Oswestry mentioned) to have etc. Witnesses listed. At Llanvorda Tues after F of assump 45 Ed III.


Vol VII No 9053


A deed in Norman French by which Thomas E (Earl) of Arundel confirms the purchase by Richard Ireland from Roger de Mokleston of certain lands in the Lordship of Oswestry dated at Osw 20 Sep 1 Hen IV


Vol VII No 9061


William Mucleston is witness to a deed at Cotton Sat before F of S Valentine 3 Henry VI



Vol VII No 9070 (Part 5)


When of late Richard son of Roger Ireland of Oswestry purchased in fee simple of one Roger son of Roger de Mocleston of do all the lands etc which were formerly of Roger de Mocleston his father as descended as ought to descend to the said Roger as son and heir after the death of his father, both the lands etc which were in the hands of Roger Glover in pledge and also all of the lands which of late were seized into the hands of the Earl, the Earls father by forfeiture by reason of the outlawry pronounced on Roger son of Roger for the death of Ric de Mocleston his brother feloniously slain. Licence for this not obtained. For £20 the Earl releases to Ireland all actions etc. Mandate to the steward Jo. Whethales to give possession etc. Reciting a norman French deed (21 sep 1 Hen IV) Long deed.


Vol VIII No 10181


Paper copy of a deed relating to waste lands in Aston Rogers, Worthen (Edw. Muckleston being Lord of the Manor of Aston) and in Cound (Jo. Cressett Pelham being Lord), and to the rights of the Lords and Owners with reference to Inclosure (names of owners given) 10 pages 55 Geo III. 

This is 1815.


Vol VIII No 10732


“Universis de fidelibus etc” Ralph de Orliton concedes to the church of Hagamon by his fathers donation to them half a virgate in Grundelhull to hold etc. Witnesses include Alan de Muchlestune. (no date)


When looking up Hagamon (on the internet) it appears that it is Haughmond spelt differently. On the site where I found this information it all lists the following deed as reference and as you can see introduces yet another “de Muckleston”.


1249, Oct., 33 Hen. III.—Grant from Richard the abbot and convent of Lilleshull to Robert Corbet of Morton of "quandam placiam in Cherletone ad pratum faciendum subtus castrum suum de Mortone"; with minute conditions, and description of boundaries. Witn., Peter Corbet, Alan Corbet, Rich. de Pectone, Nich. de Fortone, clerk, Geoffrey de Mockleston, clerk, Rob. de Costentin, Will. de Doniton, clerk.


Vol VIII No 11284


Indenture dated 23 Jan 20 geo II 1746 Between 1) Sir Rowland Hill of Hawkestone Bart, Edward Kynaston of Hardwick Esq, Joseph Muckleston of Shrewsbury Gent s & h of Jos. M Grocer dec, sarah Harries rel of John H of Cruckton Esq and Thomas Harries of Prescott Esq s & h of John. 2) Francis Chambre of Mid Temple Gent. Lease for 6 months of a Cap. Mess. In Cruckton formerly of Dame Mary Dormer and premises in Arscott, Sibberscott, Sascott, Cruckton and Prescott with Tythes in Yeaton, Yagdon and Eyton formerly of Jo. Harries.


Vol X No 12815


Draft or copy of Indenture [no date] between 1) Richard Jenkins of Shrewsbury Esq and Letitia his wife 2) Joseph Muckleston of do Gent 3) Joanna M of do spinster sister of Joseph. Reciting indenture (1723) between 1) Anne wid and exec of Jo. Muckleston Esq and Joseph Muckleston of Shrewsbury Grocer; 2) John Harries of Cruckton Esq., being sale of premises in Pentrewern and Porkington for 400 years (mortgage) and many further recitations and agreements (18 paper pages).


Vol X No 12844


Paper draft of Indenture dated 1732 (no month given) between 1) John Harris of Cruckton Esq; 2) Jospeh Muckleston of Shrewsbury Grocer; 3) Wm Harris of Westminster Mercer and thos Harris of [Blank] Clerk. Reciting will of Thomas Harries late of Newport Gent father of John, with certain trusts relating to copyhold property in Ford Manor, and premises in Basford in favour of Elizabeth Harris and her 2 daughters Joanna and Thomasin (the former wife of Jo Steward) etc – assignment of the trust by Muckleston to Harris


Vol X No 13460


Will of Catherine Booth spinster Witnesses include Edward Muckleston dated Feb 5, 13 William III 1701.


Vol XII No 14911


Will and probate of Martha Harwood of Shrewsbury widow. Bequests include : to my brother Rowland Muckleston a mourning ring; to my brother Richard Muckleston a mourning ring; daughters Mary and Abigail Harwood spinsters to be executrixes dated 27th Sep 1692. Probate granted 30 Apr 1696.


Vol XII No 1496


Appointment signed by James Bratton Mayor of the Borough of Shrewsbury of John Bather, William Muckleston, Thomas Morris, James Hughes, John Leake and John Davies to perform the duties of overseers of the poor of the parish of Meole Brace within the Borough of Shrewsbury. Dated 11th May 1868


Vol XII No 15269


Account of Bro: Harris with Joseph Muckleston refers to various items of food and household goods receipted Feb 22nd 1708/9


Vol XIII No 16281


Gift to the church of Lilleshall – witnesses include Rob’ de Mukeleston (no date)


Vol XIII No 16283



Agnes de Mucheleston daughter of Sibille grants and concedes to Helie de Etingeam for his homage and service three nooks of land in Mucheleston (Muxton near Lilleshall), for a rent of eighteen pence at the vigil of St Mary Magdalene. No date but Eyton says c1200.


Vol XIII No 16300


Witnesses to a grant to the church of St Mary of Lilleshall include (written as given) Robert de Mukeleston (Muckleston Staffs) William de Muckleston and Robert his brother (no date)


Vol XIII No 16305


Further grant to Lilleshall church. Witnesses include Richard de Mokeleston (undated) grant to church as above.


Vol XIII No 16306


“Sciant presents” etc Agreement made between William, Abbot of the Convent of Lilleshall on the one part and Margaret who was the wife of Robert de Muckleston on the other, who grants to the Abbey one virgate of Land in Dunninton (Donnington near Lilleshall) which William de Halcton and William his son formerly held in Dunington (No Date).


Vol XIII No 16307


“Sciant presents” etc Agreement made between William, Abbot of Lilleshall and Robert de Muckleston concerning lands in Donington and Mucklestone formerly belonging to the church of St Alkmund in Salop and a virgate of land in Donington which William son of William de Halcton holds. Witnesses include Richard Visc’ de Muckleston (no date).

Vol XIII No 16313


“Sciant presents” etc Agreement made between William, Abbot of Lilleshall and Margaret who was the wife of Robert de Mucklestone who grants to the Abbey and Convent of Lilleshall one virgate of land in Donnington. Witnesses includes William de Mucklestone and Robert his brother (no date).


Vol XIII No 16318


Donation to the church of St Mary Lilleshall witnessed by Robert de Muckleston (no date).


Vol XIII No 16954


Attested copy of assignment of a mortgage from Richard Ward Offley of Hinton and Sarah Muckleston of Greenfields near Shrewsbury, Widow, to John Povey of Felton Butler in the parish of Great Ness, Gent, dated 20 May 1762