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researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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Chapter 6.


The Next Generation.


[need to insert pedigree]



Although Edward's three sons had followed him into farming, the next generation had other ideas. For a start they were better educated, many going to university, and America was opening up and travel between the states was becoming more frequent.


Of Allen’s children both Alice and John went to Chicago to work at the Marshall Field Company*, Alice then married and John joined his brother Garfield in farming.


Edward E Muckleston had only one child, a daughter Alice, who died before her mother.

It was John’s children who had the greatest accomplishments. They were renowned athletes, all went to university and many of them practiced law. Milo was probably the most well known in their home county of Waukesha as he became firstly District Attorney and then Judge.


The parents continued to play their part in the local community, holding church socials and joining in other social events, within this still mainly farming community.


*Marshall Field Company

Marshall Field (1834-1906) Established the Marshall Field & Company store that became the largest retail business in the world at that time; he lived in Chicago. Picture below is of the store in 1911.


Portrait taken circa 1891 near Waukesha Wisconsin

(insert photograph)


Standing Back Row – Milo b 1877 and Elizabeth b 1879

Sitting – Alice born 1882, John and Jane Muckleston holding baby Lulu born 1889

Standing in the same row as above Ralph Waldo b 1884

Sitting at the front – Melville b 1886.

Stanley was born in 1894 about 3 years after this photograph was taken


As told through the pages of the Waukesha Freeman


22 Dec 1898



            Miss Alice Mucklestone has returned from several days at Racine with Miss Maggie Morgan.


20 June 1901



            Miss Alice Mucklestone called on friends the forepart of the week, previous to her return to Chicago. – Milo Mucklestone of Madison spent Sunday in our midst.


5 Sep 1901 (x2)

Among Our Neighbours



            Delafield took the third and deciding game Thursday in the series of three games with Eagle. It was an exciting contest for ten innings, the score being tied many times. In the fatal inning, the eleventh the visitors solved Schuyler’s twisters and the game was gone beyond hope. For the Delafield team the two homers by Jones and the stick work and base running by Milo Mucklestone stand out pre-eminent. Jones pitched a steady game and received fair support. He was replaced in the ninth by Mucklestone. For Eagle Boland at third played the best.

Struck out by Schuyler 11, by Jones 4, by Mucklestone 3. Bases off balls by Schuyler, 5, off Jones, 4, off Mucklestone, 3.




            Mrs Keeler wife of Colonel E A Keeler of Washington, returned home after a pleasant stay on the Mucklestone Farm East of Delafield.


10 Oct 1901



            Miss Jennie and Alice Williams are visiting at the home of Mr and Mrs A Mucklestone, west of this city.


5 Dec 1901



            Lizzie Williams Sundayed with Mr and Mrs A J Everet Jnr of Pewaukee. – E E Mucklestone is attending the live stock show in Chicago this week. – Several in this vicinity were entertained Tuesday evening at the home of Miss Elsie Chapman near Pewaukee.


8 May 1902

Base Ball Game.


            The Racine High School team defeated the local high school nine by a score of 11 to 8 Saturday. The locals were in the lead during the forepart of the game, but owing to a combination of errors on the part of Waukesha, bunched with a number of hits by the Belle City players allowed the game to forge ahead. The game was played with eight men each after the first innings, as two of the local players were unable to play on account of being eighth grade students. This left Waukesha with eight men and the visitors kindly consented to drop a man. Melville Mucklestone, Waukesha’s little thirteen-year-old outfielder, put up an excellent game. The batteries were Mueller  and Nicholl for Waukesha and Lapour and Washburn for Racine.


26 June 1902

Field Day Contests


            The students of Carroll College held their annual field day Tuesday afternoon on the college campus, and there was an unusually large attendance. W W Ehlman won the Gold Medal with 20 points, J Calhoun won second place with 18 points and third place was captured by George Zoechler with 14 points.

            Milo Mucklestone of the university of Wisconsin acted as starter and the timers were P G West, G Sim and E Ehlman. The judges were G Eddy, George Ray, Edgar Olin and M D Nave.


4 Sep 1902



            Last Saturday afternoon a very interesting ball game was played at this place between a nine from Waukesha and our local team, with Milo Mucklestone as pitcher. The Waukesha team carried away the honors 28 to 21. There was a large crowd of spectators on the grounds and all enjoyed the game.


30 Oct 1902



            Miss Alice Mucklestone and Miss May Wilkins returned Monday night from Madison where they attended the Kansas vs Wisconsin football game, also the military hop at the Armory.


6 Nov 1902



            Miss Alice Mucklestone of Marshall Field and Co. of Chicago, spent Sunday with her parents Mr and Mrs Allen Mucklestone.


12 Feb 1903

The Local High School Team Scored a Notable Victory Friday Night.


            The Waukesha High School basketball team retrieved themselves in the eyes of their admirers, from some former defeats, last Friday night, by defeating their old-time rivals of the Racine High School by a score of 30 to 26.The Belle City boys had a large contingent of rooters and school spirit waxed hot throughout the game. Waukesha was in fine form and their perfect team work won them the game. Mucklestone for the locals and Reukauf and Washburn for the visitors made their work features of the game.


The teams lined up

Waukesha                                Racine

Lyons                                      Williams

Mueller                                    Washburn

Mucklestone                            Reukauf

Pokrandt                                 Brown

Kendall                                   Hyde

The return game will be played at Racine on February 27th.


26 Feb 1903



            The following musical and literary program has been prepared for the local committee for the Farmers’ Institute which convenes next week and will be rendered Tuesday evening March 3rd:

            Song by Minstrel Club led by W E Kunz; Paper on Birds, Mrs R R White; Recitation, Miss N Cahill; Recitation, Miss Bessie Myers; Song – Solo, J W Jones; Recitation, Ida Smith; Phonographic selection, J Laubenheimer; Recitation, Miss M Kelsch; Recitation, Eleanor Pelnar; Song – selected, W E Kunz; Intermission; Song – Duet, Mrs Robert Lowerre Jnr and Mr W E Kunz; Paper, Mrs E E Mucklestone; Recitation Miss M Pelnar; Recitation, Hazel Wellinghurst; Phonographic selection, J Laubenheimer; Recitation, Miss M Kelsch;  Recitation, Eleanor Pelnar; Song – Duet, Miss Lou Drown and Mrs Grenrich; Recitation, Mrs R R White; Reciatation, Janet Kunz.


16 April 1903



            Robert Haight, Willard Griswold, Walter Sleep, Milo Mucklestone, Herbert La Roy, Robert Dunlap and Miss Abbie Terry were among the University students home for the Easter vacation last week.


11 June 1903

Waukesha Graduates at University.


            Among the Waukesha graduates at the State University this year are Abbie Terry who completes the philosophical course; Daphne Putnam, the classical course; Winchell F Barber, law; John Cadby, electrical engineering; and Edward M Mucklestone, law.  (Edward M was better known as Milo)


18 June 1903



            Miss Grace Carleton spent Sunday with Miss Alice Mucklestone


25 June 1903



            Miss Alice Mucklestone and Miss Mary Wilkins are spending several days in our city, with friends, enjoying the closing weeks exercises at Carroll College. Both are graduates of that institution.


2 July 1903

In Dubuque Ball Team


            Milo Mucklestone has taken a position with the Dubuque (Iowa) base-ball team and will play there during the summer. He plays centre field. Mr Mucklestone graduated from the university a few weeks ago and after a short visit here he went straight to Iowa.


9 July 1903

Fourth Gloriously Celebrated


            Giant crackers and booming cannon assailed the ears of Waukesha sleepers long before they were ready to begin celebrating, last Saturday morning. The ball opened about 3am by the national salute fired as a preliminary to the great celebration under the auspices of the Waukesha Fire Department. Small boys eagerly embraced the opportunity offered by the celebration, and lent their ardent assistance to the racket. However it quietened down somewhat after the original outburst, and a final nap was possible.

            The weather was of the genuine Fourth-of-July brand, hot, sultry and thunderous. There was an immense crowd in Cutlers Park when the exercises were held. Some people estimated that there were 4000 people in the park and some say 6000 or 7000. Anyway the crowd was a big one, bigger probably than the park had ever known.

            About 2pm the exercises began at Cutlers Park. They included music by the band, the reading of the Declaration of Independence by Judge M S Griswold, and an inspiring patriotic address by C E Armin. The rest of the afternoon was devoted to dancing on a floor erected for the purpose, Tullars orchestra furnishing music and athletic contests. The results of the contests were as follows:

            Shot Put – Waldo Mucklestone – 1st; prize straw hat; J J Calhoun – 2nd; prize gym shoes.

            High Jump – Calhoun – 1st; prize umbrella; Mucklestone – 2nd; prize tennis shoes.

            Three legged race – H E White and W Mucklestone, 1st, prizes caps; Sidney Thompson and Fred Markle, 2nd, prizes fancy suspenders.

            The day closed with a splendid display of fireworks in the evening. They were discharged from a stand built for the purpose in an open section of the park, and were enjoyed not only by those in the park but by many others sitting at ease on their own or their neighbours lawns.

            Dancing continued until late in the evening.


6 Aug 1903

Our County Mirror



            Mr Mills is building a tight partition fence. – Mrs Williams of Palmyra came the fore part of the week to see her mother, Mrs J J Evans. – E Mucklestone of Delafield was in town Sunday. – There is much upland hay remaining to be made at this date.


17 September 1903



            A number of our people attempted to enjoy the state fair last week Wednesday but after getting soaked, returned home disgusted. – I O Cook has secured the rental of the Edward Mucklestone property No. 1. We are informed that Mr and Mrs Mucklestone will become residents of our village, if satisfactory arrangements can be made.




            Miss Alice Mucklestone has returned to Chicago to resume her duties with Marshall Field and Co. but expects to return shortly on account of her mother's health.


Happenings in Line


            E E Mucklestone has rented his farm in the town of Delafield for a term of years to Erwin Cook and will retire from active work for a time at least. He will probably take up his residence at the village of Delafield. His purpose is to sell his personal property at auction early in October.


24 Sep 1903

High School Societies


            High School athletics will be in charge of Professor Whitney. There will be a football team and basketball teams for both boys and girls. The manager of the football team is Peter Sinsel, captain Ranson Davis. Following is the line up:


Center                         Bishop

Left Guard                  Smith

Left Tackle                  Foster

Left End                     Montgomery

Right Guard                Felon

Right Tackle                Lacher

Right End                   F Davis

Quarter Back               O Miller

Left Half Back            Assel

Right Half Back          Mucklestone

Full Back                     R Davis


            Football will of course hold full sway during the season, after which, basket-ball which is not yet organized will be taken up.


1 Oct 1903



            Irving Cook has rented the Mucklestone Farm. Edward Mucklestone talks about coming into our village to make his future home. We hope this may prove a reality and that we shall have the pleasure of welcoming him among us in the near future.


17 Dec 1903


            Mr E E Muckelston, who with his family, recently left Waukesha for a long absence in the West writes this week as follows: “I am on the way to California and cannot get along without the Freeman. Please send last three numbers to me and thereafter send regularly.


10 March 1904 (x2)



            Mr Edward Mucklestone and wife returned from sunny Colorado last Wednesday and are now occupying Mrs Garners cottage.


South Delafield


            We were all glad to see Mr and Mrs E E Mucklestone after an absence of four months as the guests of relatives in San Francisco.


7 April 1904

Town of Waukesha


            Much to the surprise of Republicans the town of Waukesha went almost solidly Democratic, Republicans electing only one candidate. Richard Connell was elected chairman, Frank Austerman and Edw. Gerrits, side supervisors. For Town Clerk there was a tie between W H Marx (Rep) and Ed. Honejaeger. J H Harter was elected treasurer, D M Merrill assessor, A Mucklestone, justice and Art Hines constable.


12 May 1904



            Miss Alice Mucklestone, only daughter of Mr Allen Mucklestone, who has been employed as a stenographer in the railroad department of Marshall Field & Co, has resigned her position and returned here to visit her parents.


19 May 1904



            Mr and Mrs E E Mucklestone have opened their house by Nagawicka Lake. Several guests have arrived to spend the summer months, among them the Mrs J L Garner and son of Washington D C, Mrs Walters and Rev. Moriston Thomas of Columbus, Ohio.


Waukesha Ball Players Win


            The newly organized Waukesha baseball team played their first game of the season Sunday at Palmyra, defeating their opponents by a score of 8 to 6. Excellent work was done by the local battery , Camp and Horr, Camp holding the Palmyra boys down to two hits until the sixth inning, Mucklestone and Mueller did good work in the outfield.


13 Oct 1904

W M E Kunz this time.

He was Nominated for Sheriff Saturday


D W Agnew Nominated for District Attorney. Other Present Officers Renominated.


           There was a host of county Republicans in town last Saturday, called here by the county convention, which may be the last meeting of the kind to assemble here. The chairman of the county committee spoke of this and added a few words regarding the importance of the business in hand. He said it was perhaps fortunate under the circumstances that there was a set of good county officials who had served but one term and who were entitled to a re-nomination.

            The chairman upon entering on his duties thanked the delegates for the confidence shown him in selecting him as their presiding officer.

            Three tellers were chosen, viz: Aaron Blanchard, Milo Mucklestone and George D Powell.

County Convention Delegates.


 City of Waukesha

First Ward – A J Hutton, W L Davis, Ben Chase.

Second Ward – Byron Griffin, J S Dent, Otto Ohrmund, E A Solbach,

Third Ward – C W Brown, John Schimmel

Fourth Ward – J C Forest, Fred Ahrens, C S Reid, B F Funk, Ray Biggs.

Fifth Ward – J N Toffelemeyer, G B Blair, Milo Mucklestone.

Sixth Ward – M L Butterfield, W H Smith, E J Evans, Dr R E Davies, Thomas Brahaney.


6 Sep 1906

Candidates for Election


For State Senator – Henry Lockney, Waukesha.

For Sheriff – Ray Briggs – Waukesha

For Treasurer – Joseph Edwards – Ottawa

For District Attorney – Milo Muckelstone – Waukesha

For Coroner – Charles Hill – Waukesha



For State Senator – August Conrad – Washington County

For Sheriff – George Dwinnell - Waukesha

For Treasurer – Alfred J Mead - Muskego

For District Attorney – G Holmes Daubener - Waukesha

For Coroner – W D Roberts – Waukesha


The above nominations were made by the voters of Waukesha County at the primary election Tuesday. Complete figures are not available at this time, but sufficient returns have been received to ensure the nominations as stated. The vote throughout the county was generally light, the democratic one especially so.

            In this city the republican vote was about two thirds that cast at general elections.

Total votes:

District Attorney: Muckleston 541 Howitt 440


20 Dec 1906

State of Wisconsin Waukesha – In County Court


            In the matter of the estate of Thomas J Williams deceased. It appears from said petition that the personal estate in the hands of the said executors is insufficient to pay the debts of the said deceased and the legacies charged on all said estate and the expenses of administration, and that it is necessary to sell or incumber said real estate for the payment of said debts and expenses.

            It is ordered that the said petition be heard before the said court to be held at the court house in said county on the first Tuesday of February A D 1907 being the 5th day of said month at 10 o’clock in the forenoon of said day or as soon thereafter as the parties can be heard.

            Dated December 14th 1906

            By the court

            MS Griswold County Judge

            Muckelston and Thomas Attorneys. 


3 Jan 1907

New Year Changes

            Besides the Sheriff the only changes at the courthouse will be in the offices of Treasurer and District Attorney, Joseph Edwards succeeding E P Riford in the first named position and Milo Muckleston succeeding D W Agnew. Mr Edwards who has been a resident of Ottawa will come to this city to reside and attend personally to the duties of the office. Mr Muckelston is a resident of the city.

12 Sep 1907

Varsity Students from Waukesha

            Among Waukesha young men who are planning to return to the university next year are Chester Griswold, Dexter Whitte, Allen Hardy, Kenneth Green, Clarence Tolg, Albert Woolf and Waldo Mucklestone. Charles Fenlon expects to return sometime later in the year.

26 Sep 1907


            Will Mucklestone who is with the Marshall Field Company in Chicago spent Sunday with his parents Mr and Mrs Allen Mucklestone.

20 Feb 1908

Legal Notice

Certificate of Incorporation Of The state Bank of North Prairie, Wis.

Know all men by these presents, that we have agreed to, and do hereby associate ourselves together as a banking corporation, under and pursuant to the provisions of the laws of the state of Wisconsin governing banks and discounts and deposit and to that end do hereby execute under our hands and seals the following certificate of incorporation, to – wit:

First – The name of this corporation shall be the State Bank of North Prairie. The general nature of the business shall be banking, receiving deposits, buying, selling and discounting notes, bills and other evidences of debt, domestic and foreign dealing in gold and silver bullion and foreign coins, issuing circulating notes and loaning money  on real estate and personal security; and the place where the business of this corporation is to be carried on is North Prairie, Waukesha County, Wisconsin.

Second – said corporation shall commence on the 11th day of February AD 1908 and shall continue for the period of fifty years.

Third – the names and places of residence of the incorporators and the number of shares held by each of them are as follows:

Name                           Residence and Post Office                             No. of Shares

Milo Mucklestone       Waukesha Wisconsin                                      Five

(there are 43 names in total – owning 100 shares between them)

30 April 1908

Berkshire Swine Association

Will gather at a meeting of the organization May 9th

            There will be a meeting of the Berkshire Swine Association at Nashotah at Phil H Jones’ place on Saturday May 9th, and everyone interested is invited to attend. The meeting is called for 2.00 pm and is for the purpose of fixing the date for the first annual fall sale and for completing plans therefore. Also to arrange for an open air mid summer convention of breeders and procuring good speakers on subjects of interest to farmers and breeders generally.

            A complete list of the members of the association is as follows:

(16 names including)

Garfield Mucklestone, Waukesha.

2 July 1908


            Will Mucklestone of Chicago is spending his vacation at his home near this city

27 Aug 1908

Judge Lueck Denies Motion to Dismiss Cases of Medical Experts Against County.

            The physicians who are bringing suit against the county to collect fees for expert testimony in the trial of Joseph McMahon scored a point when Judge Lueck in circuit denied the appeal of District Attorney Milo Muckelstone for dismissal of the cases and ordered an issue drawn.

24 Sept 1908

Candidates One Day in Wisconsin is Crowded with Half a Dozen Brief Talks and Two Formal Addresses.

            William H Taft, Republican candidate for President of the United States, will be in Waukesha, today (Thursday) from twenty five minutes past two o’clock till thirty five minutes past two o’clock.

            The ten minutes of his visit will be utilized as fully as possible and the chairman and secretary of the county committee Dr E W Malone and A W Jones are busy making preparations for the day.

            To give the affair more of a municipal rather than political aspect, Mayor M W Glenn, who is a democrat will introduce Taft. The reception committee as selected by Dr Malone will consist of the following gentlemen:

            Mayor M W Glenn, A J Frame, M L Sudyer, Fred Phelps, H E Blair, A S Putney Jnr, J E Thomas, Milo Mucklestone, Carl Sawyer, John Gredler, H M Youmans, A M Jones, G B Harris and Dr E W Malone.

            Dr Malone, Mayor Glen and A M Jones will go to Jefferson Junction to meet the train bearing the Taft party and will accompany the distinguished visitors to this city.


            Melvil Mucklestone and sister Alice Cornelia have entered the University of Washington at Seattle and the former will be a member of the football team.

8 Oct 1908

Thousands of Dollars Paid In and More Coming In From those responsible for Care of Relatives.

            For a number of years past Waukesha County has been paying bills that ought to be paid by individuals.

            These bills are for the maintenance of persons at the county institutions – the county home and the county insane asylum. They amount to thousands of dollars and some of them have been running so long that they are outlawed.

            District attorney Milo Mucklestone has been making a systematic effort to collect these and has succeeded so well that already between three and four thousand dollars have been returned to the county treasury and money from this source is coming in every day.

            The law is explicit in providing that persons who can afford to pay shall pay for the maintenance of those for whom they are responsible at the county asylum and the county home. The sum fixed by the law per week for the maintenance of the poor and insane is $3.50.

            “County Clerk, Stanton R Clark has been going over the books” said Mr Mucklestone “and we have been sending reminders to all those who we think can afford to pay for the maintenance of their relatives. We are lenient towards those who have only little property, when any extra expense would be a real hardship. We have sent account only to those who can really afford to pay, and many of these send in the money as promptly as they can. Others do not, and some say flatly that they refuse to pay. One Oconomowoc man who has a considerable amount of property says that he will pay no bill of this kind. He says he has been paying heavy taxes all these years and he thinks that this ought to be sufficient. I expect to bring suit against him and any others in similar condition and of similar mind in order to collect the money. These suits will probably be ready for the December term of court.”

            “We have been going over the books for the last six years” continued Mr Mucklestone “Bills dating further back than that are outlawed. I cannot find that any systematic effort has been made to collect in this money in the last six years.”

Will Build Beach Cottage.

            District Attorney Milo Mucklestone has purchased a pretty piece of wooded ground on the shore of Pewaukee lake and will build a summer cottage there. The property is just this side of the Auer cottages.  

15 Oct 1908

Charge Criminal Assault

Carrying Penalty of 35 Years Imprisonment Against John Smith

John Smith who shot Sheriff Dwinnel, Olga Grabow and Mrs Augusta Grabow, her mother, is now charged with attempted criminal assault on the little girl. The original charge was attempted murder which carries with it a maximum penalty of fifteen years. The charge of criminal assault on a child under the age of fourteen carries a penalty of thirty-five years, and district attorney Mucklestone made the change in order to secure if possible the heavier sentence.

            Olga Grabow is only thirteen years old and on the morning after the shooting she told the district attorney a story which accounts for the present charge. Smith appeared in court Tuesday on the original charge. His bail was fixed at $3,000 which was increased to $6,000 on the charge of criminal assault. He will be examined on October 22.

19 Nov 1908

Argument to be Heard for New Trial – District Attorney Asks Extreme Sentence of 35 Years.

            It took the jury very few minutes to settle on the verdict of guilty, in the case of John Smith accused of criminal assault on thirteen-year-old Olga Grabow. Sentence has not yet been passed and a motion for a new trial will be argued by the defendants attorney, D J Hemlock, Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock. The extreme penalty which District Attorney Milo Mucklestone asks, is thirty five years in the penitentiary. Smith is now over fifty years of age.

            Olga Grabow told the story of the assault, her mother testified to her age and several of the neighbors also testified. Smith went on the stand in his own defense and denied the assault. One or two other witnesses were also called on his behalf.

            It was on September 18 that John Smith, a Blacksmith employed by Mr Grabow in Calhoun, shot Olga Grabow, her mother, Mrs Augusta Grabow, and Sheriff George L Dwinnell. It was at first thought that Mrs Grabow would die but she recovered. Olga Grabow lost the sight of one eye and Sheriff Dwinnell was confined to his bed for several weeks. Smith was arrested the morning after the shooting and has been in jail since. It was first expected that he would be arraigned on attempted murder charge, but on further investigation District Attorney Mucklestone unearthed facts which made him change the charge to criminal assault which carries a heavier penalty.

24 Dec 1908

Freshman, yet Captain

Melvil Muckelstone wins Honors in Washington.

Heads the Football team

And is Chosen Member All North-West Eleven, Which Will Take a Trip to Japan.

            Melvil Mucklestone, son of John Muckelstone of Pewaukee and brother of District Attorney Milo Mucklestone, has been elected captain of the football team of the University of Washington, and member of the All Northwest team, which will in the spring make a trip to Japan.

            Melvil Mucklestone is a freshman in the University of Washington and the election of a freshman to the football captaincy is without precedence and is a tribute to Mr Mucklestone’s prowess in the game.

            The Seattle Post Intelligencer of recent date printed an article from which we copy.

            “Melvil Mucklestone was yesterday elected captain of the University of Washington eleven for next year. Mucklestone is a freshman and has played in every game of the last season at right halfback. In this place he has shown himself to be a star and was selected by two of the coaches of the “Big Six” and the Post Intelligencer for the All Northwest Eleven.

            Mucklestone last year played with the North Dakota Agricultural College but was entered in the preparatory department so his eligibility is unquestionable.

            For the first time in the history of the University a freshman has been given the honor of leading the football team on the gridiron. Never has the position been given to a collegian ranking lower then a second semester sophomore. Mucklestone’s excellent work however, during the last season has given him the place.

            Mucklestone is a strong man and is popular with the students as well as with the squad. He should be one of the Northwest College stars in the backfield next year.

            Melvil Mucklestone is only nineteen years old and weighs something over 180 pounds. He graduated from St Johns Military Academy, two years ago, entered Milo Mucklestone’s law office in this city for a little while and then went out to Dakota where he entered the State Agricultural College at Fargo and played on the football team. He then decided to go further west and study forestry. Last winter he spent in a lumber camp in Washington, preparatory to his college work and this fall entered the University of Washington, taking the forestry course. The coach at once spotted him and put him on the team, to whose presidency he has just been chosen.

            The All Northwest eleven of which he is also chosen a member is one of the great teams of the country and includes picked players from Washington, Montana, Oregon and Idaho. The team will go to Japan in the spring and play all the best teams in that country.

            Mr and Mrs John Mucklestone have four sons, all athletes. Milo the eldest was captain of the U. W. Baseball team in 1902 and also prominent in track work. Waldo was captain of the U.W. Baseball team last year and is also a star member of the football team. Stanley the youngest is now a student at the Waukesha High School.

18 March 1909


            Miss A C Mucklestone is enjoying life at Seattle, Wash. Where she will remain until after the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition which will be held in Seattle June 1 to Oct 16 this year.

25 March 1909


            Mr and Mrs A Mucklestone and family have gone to Seattle to make an extended visit with their son and daughter who are located there.

28 Oct 1909

Ralph W Mucklestone Receives Degree

            Ralph W Mucklestone of this city received his degree of Bachelor of Science in engineering from the regents of the state university at their last meeting. Mr Mucklestone completed the work necessary for the degree since commencement last June.




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