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researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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Chapter 5.


The Early Years.


Allen Muckleston had fought in the American Civil War as a Private in Company F, 22nd Wisconsin Infantry. He had enlisted on 22nd August 1862, remained a private throughout the war and apparently escaped unscathed by his experience. Allen and brother John Muckleston, had clearly struck out on their own by 1874, buying land from Amos Smith and they also played their part in the County of Waukesha’s politics as electors. On 16th September 1876 the marriage took place; between John Muckleston and Jane Davies. Allen Muckleston went on to marry Mary Davies who was Jane’s sister. The date of John and Jane’s marriage has not been found but took place before 1877.


Their mother Ann Muckleston had died on 7th April 1877. Sister Alice became ill was taken to the Insane Asylum shortly before her death on 16th April 1884. Their father Edward Muckleston died that same year on 21st October 1884. All three were buried in Salem Cemetery.


Edward the son (known as Edward E Muckleston), inherited his fathers farm. On 20th October 1886, Edward married Jennie James. All three sons of Edward Muckleston were doing well as farmers and their herds did well at the county fairs, they also played their part as members of the local churches.


As told through the pages of the Waukesha Freeman Newspaper.

23 April 1874

Real Estate Sales Mar 25 to April 12


Amos Smith to J and A Muckleston 60 acres NW Qr sec 5, Delafield 14 7-100 acres in NC Qr sec 5 Waukesha, $9,900 sold Mar 26


1 Nov 1877

Registry of Electors


Of Waukesha Election District. In the town of Waukesha, County of Waukesha, made by the Board of Registry of the said District, October 10th 1877.


Mucklestone, A

Mucklestone, John


17 Oct 1878

Registry of Electors


Of Waukesha Election District. In the town of Waukesha, County of Waukesha, made by the Board of Registry of the said District, October 8 1878


Mucklestone, A

Mucklestone, J


31 Oct 1878

Registry of Electors


Of Waukesha Election District. In the town of Waukesha, County of Waukesha, completed by the Board of Registry of the said District, October 23 1878


Mucklestone, A

Mucklestone, J


24 June 1880



One Wheat receipt given by B. Boorman, of Waukesha, to E E Muckelstone, for 200 bushels best 51 pound No. 1 spring wheat. All persons are cautioned against making any advances on same should it be found. 


21 Oct 1880

Registry of Electors


Of Waukesha Election District. In the town of Waukesha, County of Waukesha, made by the Board of Registry of the said District, October 5 and 6 1880


Mucklestone, A A

Mucklestone, J


10 Apr 1884



Miss Alice Mucklestone was taken Tuesday to the Oshkosh Asylum for the Insane in charge of Sheriff ????well.

1 May 1884

Local Notes 


            Edward Muckleston, who was arranged before Commissioner Bloodgood of Milwaukee on a charge of having opened without authority a letter addressed to his sister, has been honourably discharged. The Muckleston’s are residents of this county. 

           Miss Alice Muckleston who was taken to the Northern Hospital as an insane person, not long ago, died there a few days after her arrival.


[ Obituary in unknown paper -  Died


MUCKLESTON – At Waukesha, Oct. 21st 1884 Edward Muckleston, aged 82 years and 1 month.


Mr Muckleston was born in Shropshire England, September 1802, married Ann Edwards in 1836. The result of the union was six children, four sons and two daughters; their first born a girl, was buried at the age of two years, in England. In September 1846, he emigrated to Wisconsin with his wife and three children, settled in Delafield, Milwaukee County, where he resided until about a year ago, since which time he has been living with his sons, Allen and John alternately, since his daughter Alice was too feeble to take care of him. She was buried last April. On the 23rd he was buried in the Salem Cemetery. The funeral took place from his son Allen’s residence. He rests beside his wife, who has preceded him by 7 years, being a member of Zion’s church Rev R H Evans officiated at the funeral]

15 January 1885

State of Wisconsin – Waukesha County – In County Court.


In the matter of the estate of Alice Muckleston deceased.

On reading and filing the Petition of John and Allen Muckleston of the town of Waukesha in Waukesha County and state of Wisconsin representing among other things that Alice Muckleston an inhabitant of the town of Waukesha, in the county of Waukesha, in the state of Wisconsin, on the 16th day of April AD 1884, at Winnebago, Wisconsin, died intestate, leaving goods and chattels and estate within this state to be administrated and leaving no father, mother, husband or issue and the said petitioners are brothers of the said deceased and her next of kin and praying that letters of administration of said estate may be granted unto John Muckleston, one of said petitioners.

            It is ordered that the said application be heard before the said court at a special term thereof to be held at the Court House in said county, on the fourth Tuesday of January AD 1885, being the 27th day of said month, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon or as soon thereafter as the parties can be heard

Dated December 29th AD 1884

Frank H Putney County Judge.


18 Feb 1886

State of Wisconsin – Waukesha County – In County Court


(this is in the fold of the newspaper – poor copy some words unreadable)

In the matter of the estate of Alice Mucklestone deceased.

On reading and filing the petition ? Mucklestone, administrator of the ? deceased, representing that he ? administered said estate and paid debts of said deceased and the expected administration and praying that a time be fixed for examining and all ? count of his administration and ? residue of said estate.

(legal notice regarding the estate)


28 Oct 1886



Mucklestone – James. On the 20th inst., at the residence of the groom, in Delafield by Rev. D M Jones, Edward E Mucklestone and Miss Jennie James, Breconshire, South Wales. Many costly presents were tendered the newly weds.


5 Jan 1888



            The Jerusalem folks took in one hundred and seventy dollars last Monday night and they are much obliged to all who helped them. Their concert was the best for years. – There arrived this week three persons from green Wales GB to this land of snow. They appeared fresh and healthy. This week we notice the cheerful faces of J R Williams and E Muckleston of Delafield. Come again Gentlemen!


20 Feb 1890

Real Estate Sales


            E M Ulrich to E E Mucklestone, lot 4, Block A, Ulrich’s Add. to Vil. Of Waukesha $400.

1 Nov 1890


            Came to my enclosure on the 21st inst., three steers, one spotted and two red. Owner can prove property, pay charges and take them away.

                                    JOHN MUCKLESTON.

4 July 1891
An Eye For Beauty

            One of the most progressive farmers in Waukesha County, Ed Muckleston, bought this week from T Haynes and Son one of the handsomest single buggies ever sold by any Waukesha dealer. It is a genuine beauty. Mr Muckleston owns one of the finest farms in the vicinity, is well to do, and his numerous friends congratulate him on the pleasure which must be derived from a competence well earned and a rig which no-one can excel. 

3 Sept 1891

Premium List


Below will be found a list of the premiums awarded at the recent county fair.

Class IX Draft Horses

Gelding or Mare four years and over, E B Thomas, Dodges Corners.           $5.00

Gelding or Mare three years and over, John Sleep, Waukesha.                      $4.00

Gelding or Mare two years and over, Patrick Kane, Waukesha.                    $3.00

Brood Mare and Colt, Allan Muckleston, Waukesha.                                    $5.00


8 Nov 1892

List of Premiums Awarded at the Fair


A full list of the premium winners of the County Fair, now for the first time published is as follows:

Department “A”

Class 9 – Draft Horses

Gelding or Mare 1 yr or Over

1st E Mucklestone, Waukesha $3.00


5 Jan 1893



Mr and Mrs Ed Mucklestone, drove to the Cream City, Saturday.  


19 Jan 1893

Our County Mirror




            Miss Jennie Davis of Janesville is visiting her sister Mrs E Mucklestone.


23 Feb 1893


Happenings in a Line.


            The following is the monthly average standing of the pupils in District No. 8 Martin Vanantwerpt, 92; Lizzie Vanantwerpt, 91; Maggie Howell, 92; Garfield Mucklestone, 81; Bennie Williams, 71; Jennie Howell, 89; Lillie Pilot, 92; Willie Muckleston, 93;  John Vanantwerpt, 86,; Mary Howell, 88; Jennie Cook, 88.

Fannie M Love, Teacher.

25 May 1893



            Miss Jennie Williams of Racine is visiting her cousin, Ed Muckleston.

            Mrs Ed. Muckleston spent last week visiting friends in Milwaukee and Racine


29 June 1893



            Mr Edwards of Racine spent Sunday at the home of Ed. Mucklestone.

            Quite a number of our young people attended the graduating exercises at Waukesha last Thursday.


17 Aug 1893



            Thomas James of Janesville and R Belson of Denver Colarado are rusticating at E E Mucklestone’s.

5 July 1894
            Mr and Mrs Muckleston of Delafield spent Sunday here.
25 October 1894



            Mr and Mrs Edward Muckleston have gone to Chicago to attend the Welsh Methodist convention.

3 Dec 1896
Carroll’s Annual Debate

The Carroll College annual debate will be held December 17 on the question “Resolved that the world owes more to the Greeks than to the Romans” Debators on the affirmative, Amy Ross, Alice Mucklestone, Roy Bartlett and Evan Davies; debaters on the negative, Mildred Anderson, Edith Weed, George Ross and Henry Price.


10 Dec 1896



            There will be a basket sociable under the auspices of Bethesda Church at the home of Allen Muckelston, two miles west of this city, on Wednesday evening next. All are invited.