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researching all references to the surnames Muckleston, Mucklestone, Muckelston and Mackleston please get in touch via the contact us page with any additional information or to correct any errors.

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6 Dec 1917 Wisconsin


Melville Mucklestone To Be In Flying Service


He Has Been Accepted By Uncle Sam and Awaits Call To Berkeley Flying School


            The following article taken from the Seattle Sunday Times, of Nov 25 will be read with much interest by numerous Freeman patrons:

            “Signal! 22-A-Formation-tackles-back-16-0!”

            Zzzp! Eleven airplanes flying in close order with a flashing machine at the apex, charging through the disordered ranks of the Boche planes-another touchdown!

            This is what football fans of the Pacific Northwest may shortly expect to read in dispaches from the front. “Good old Muck” in private life Melville Mucklestone known on a hundred football fields as the greatest battering ram the University of Washington ever turned out , has joined the aviation corps.

            In a few weeks the famous halfback will leave for Berkeley Cal., and later for the San Diego finishing school. Then he will wing his way – “wing” is the correct word, is it not? – across the ocean to the Allied front and Gil Dobies protégé will find himself on a new battlefield.

            With so many athletes in the aviation corps, some notable air struggles may be expected during the 1918 drive, it is predicted. Likewise, some startling new shifts, dazzling end runs, brilliant tackles and daring loop-the-loops are bound to follow.

Examination Easy.

            Mucklestone had no difficulty passing the examination. In fact, the medical testers found that standing on his head, whirling round dizzily and falling with a thud were among some of the best things “Muck” did. His training against O A C and Pullman warriors adapted him at once to the demands of the aviation corps.

            Likewise since leaving the gridiron “Muck” has been a faithful follower of golf and is now in the pink of condition.

            “Muck” first flashed across the football horizon in the fall of 1908, Dobies first year at Washington. He was one of that famous coterie of freshmen to make the team that year, along with “Wee” Coyle, Max Eakins, Warren Grimm, et al.

            Following the season during which Washington did not lose a game for the first time in its history “Muck” was signally honored by the team, receiving the captaincy in his freshman year, the first time such an event had happened with the Purple and Gold.

            In the fall of 1909 the victorious season was repeated and in 1911 Muckleston played his third year, omitting 1910, when he turned out for law. As in football, he won his letter in the legal profession. Likewise he found time to make his letter two years in baseball.

            In addition to being a member of Phi Delta Theta, Phi Delta Phi, and the Fir Tree, “Muck” united with the Republican Party and entered politics. Aside from this his record was blameless and since graduation he has been unusually successful in his law practice, serving the legal department of the Superior Lumber Company.

            When Captain Jones, recruiting officer, arrived in Seattle and set up headquarters in the Arcade building “Muck” decided that aviation would give his training the best outlet, and he signed up. The examination followed, successfully, then the enlistment. He is now waiting for the Berkeley call which will arrive in the next two weeks.